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Abba protest signs of frustration & desperation; lies can’t stand long

By Ilokolobia Chukwugozie

This afternoon the social media was awash with the news of some persons masquerading as Abba people protesting at Awka. The protesters according to the news were at Anambra State Government House to demand Government White Paper on Abba community land dispute against Ukpo and Ukwulu communities.

They equally mandated Anambra State Government to downplay the Supreme Court and High Court judgements and take directives from Abba people. According to the protesters, so far as Abba is concerned, judgements and position of the law does not matter but Abba’s interest.

These protesters are clearly examples of men and women suffering from drunkenness and are desperately hoping to twist the law. Abba, a community of funny men, has remain inconsistent in the face of law.

No doubt they have found fun in calling out on Ukpo and Prince Arthur Eze, Ozoigbondu nke Nigeria. Yes of course if they do not call out on Ukpo and Prince Arthur Eze how else could they make the news ?

For the benefit of the public, it is only necessary we put the facts forward. Abba community had land case with Ukwulu and Ukpo communities. The land case lasted for about forty four years in the court of law and the case moved from State High Court to Court of Appeal and Supreme Court.

At all these courts Abba lost each and every of their cases brought before the court of law.

From 12th Nov 1999 when the State High Court Awka first delivered a judgment on land case against Abba to 15th Feb 2019 when the Supreme Court of Nigeria finally delivered judgment and resolved all the four issues brought to the Supreme Court against Abba. Abba has no regard for Court judgement.

Months after the Supreme Court judgement Abba told the media that the Supreme Court simply ordered trial de novo and went back to State High Court Neni for trial de novo. On 19th May 2020 the State High Court Neni rightly dismissed their case for trial de novo and stated that Supreme Court judgement didn’t order trial de novo as they claim.

Having lost at the High Court Neni again, Abba community is back to Awka today demanding the resolution of a state committee on communal conflict resolution set up by Anambra State Government. This latest action by the Abba community raises some questions begging for clarification.

1. Is the Committee on Communal Dispute Resolution superior to the Court of law particularly the Supreme Court of Nigeria?

2. Can the Abba community tell the public the decision of the State High Court, Neni, where Abba community went for trial de novo as they claimed the Supreme Court ordered ?

3. What special interest does Abba community have in Anambra State Government Committee?

4. Since Abba community has perpetually lost her cases in the courts and refused to accept court verdict will they accept the verdict of the State Committee on Communal Dispute Resolution?

5. Why has Abba community remain in land dispute with all her neighbouring communities?

6. When will Abba community embrace peace and accept verdicts of the court of law?

7. Why is Abba community dancing from pillar to post? Months ago they told us that the case is before State High Court Neni today they no longer wants to listen to State High Court Neni but the Committee on Communal Dispute Resolution.

Finally is Abba community that is asking for white paper today not aware of the Anambra State Government Communal Dispute Resolution Committee and it’s white paper before heading to State High Court Neni? Why did
they not seek for the white before going to State High Court Neni? Why sudden interest in the white paper now ?

Ilokolobia Chukwugozie writes.

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