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ABSU student kidnap: We demand whereabouts of other kidnap victims —FENRAD

Foundation for Environmental Rights Advocacy and Development, FENRAD, a pro-democracy and human rights advocacy group, joined well-meaning Abians and people of goodwill all over the world in celebrating the return of the student of Abia State University said to have been taken hostage by unknown hoodlums along Okigwe-Uturu bend together with others whose number and name remain yet unspecified.

This, FENRAD says, is a warming and cheering news given that the university community, parents of the said victim and government of Abia State must have put in a lot of effort towards ensuring the release.

While FENRAD congratulates the state government on the recent release, it wishes also to remind the government that time to be proactive than reactive is now.

If, FENRAD says, the government had been proactive or preemptive given that schools in the recent time have become soft target for kidnappers, terrorists and the like, there wouldn’t have been any such ugly news as student’s and others’ kidnap.

Though Abia State government, through its release, has pledged to up security within and around the Okigwe-Uturu bend, FENRAD calls on Imo State government to tag along given that it is, as FENRAD understands, the duty of Imo State government to ensure security of lives and property of all those (including Abia State University students) living in Okigwe, a town which is contiguous with Uturu where the university town.

While this is the case, FENRAD urges the state governments of Abia and Imo within whose space the incident happened to make known to the public the condition of other persons taken hostage alongside the poor student victim.

Where are they? Are they citizens of Nigeria? Have they too, like the student, been released? What are their names? And, how many are they?

It is of utmost importance that since the state government – together with the university authorities, security agencies and locals – worked towards ensuring the release of the student, same measure be extended to these other unnamed persons, FENRAD says. Human rights is universal and never isolated.

Once again, FENRAD thanks the government of Abia State and Imo State for the rescue or release of the said girl but urges them, together with the federal government, to ensure, in the same manner, the safe return (if they are still been held captive) of the other victims and/or at least the latest as it may have to do with the whereabouts of these persons about whom nothing has been heard till now.

Sauce for the goose is also sauce for the gander, let us know about these other persons.


Comrade Nelson Nnanna Nwafor
FENRAD Executive Director
Aba, Abia state, Nigeria
Emails: info.fenradnigeria@gmail.com, fenradnigeria@yahoo.com; info@fenrad.Org.ng
Twitter: @FENRADNigeria; Website: www.fenrad.org.ng
For more information or to request an interview, please contact us on: +2348033383708,07062949232.

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