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ABU Arrests Student who allegedly raped 81 females


Management of Ahmadu Bello University on Friday arrested Anthony Adikwu (Tony Trace), a fashion designer and ABU Student who was accused of rape by 81 female ABU Students.

He has been apprehended by the ABU security officers and handed over to the police for further action.

This was disclosed by Suleiman Muhammad Murktar, a Curator, Researcher, and Communications Analyst at ABU Zaria. He said, “All of Toni’s alleged victims will be invited for a discreet and closed-door testimony.”

The ABU Chief Security officer has given his word to be on top of the matter.

“As we forge ahead into society and try to give our fellow women better education and better living opportunities, let’s remember that its all worth nothing if we don’t make it a safe space for them and us.

“Thank you all for lending your voice to a better society.” He concluded.

Recall that about 81 female students of Ahmadu Bello University (ABU) Zaria recently came out to accused Anthony Adikwu (Tony Trace) of sexually harassing and assaulting them between 2018 to date.

In a series of Revelations on social media monitored by THE ABUSITE, the alleged victims in their separate statements accused him of rape, attempted rape, sexual harassment, etc

Tonnie is the son of a professor who lives in the area “A”, Samaru (main) Campus of ABU. He is supposed to have graduated in 2018 but had to come back for spillovers.

The Abusites

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