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Abuja Pastor killing: Police arrest Islamic cleric

MRS EUNICE ELIJAH. Mudered in Abuja~Nigeria . Her offence was preaching the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ.

MRS EUNICE OLAWALE Murdered in Abuja~Nigeria . Her offence was preaching the gospel of Christ. 

The Islamic Cleric who ordered young men to chase away RCCG Deaconess Eunice Olawale, while she was evangelizing has been reportedly arrested.

A police source who was spoken to today in Abuja, revealed that the self-professed peace loving Imam reportedly ordered some boys to scare the preacher away from the front of the mosque in Kubwa early Saturday morning but the young men took law into their own hands and stoned Mrs Olawale to death.

The Islamic cleric (name withheld by request) told Police he never ordered his boys to kill the preacher. He however admitted that he was the one who sent them to chase her away.

murdered pastor in Nigeria

The spokesman Anjuguri Manzah for Abuja Police command said an investigation has started on the barbaric way in which the RCCG’s Pastor’s wife was murdered. He promised to make the outcome of the investigation public soon.

6 suspects are currently in police detention in connection with Deaconess Eunice Olawale’s murder.


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