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Adamawa CAN Chair: I know nothing about any money for ravaged communities


Adamawa CAN Chairman refuted rumour alleging he cornered about a Million Naira given by Governor Bindow for communities ravaged by Fulani Militants…

The Adamawa State Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN) Chairman, Bishop Mike Moses has refuted a widespread rumour alleging he cornered about a Million Naira given to him by Governor Muhammadu Umaru Jibrilla Bindow for Christian communities of Koh, Tambo and Kodomoun who were recently ravaged by suspected Fulani Militants.

Moses told our reporter in Yola that he knows nothing on the recent development is highly a surprise to him as a Christian stake holder and a leader

According to him he has been a voice in defending the Christian communities when the need arises.

He gave out Press releases to tell the Government of the day telling the grievances of Christians communities when the need arises, and is not in-charge or working in any organization that is taking care of IDPs or communities in an emergency situation.

”I’m not a government agency neither am I representative of government that I can take money to communities.

“These are communal clashes and the government know exactly how to channel their relief support to them.”

Moses maintained that “These people have relatives; these are people which have community leaders and have their full-fledged structure of leadership of whatever type and they can go to government to advocate their pleads by themselves,” he added.

“As for collecting money on behalf of anybody whether Koh, Kudomon and Tambo, or even IDPs, I don’t know anything about. 

The Governor is there, the Deputy Governor is there, the secretary to the state government (SSG) is there and the Chief of Staff is there, let the concern agitators go to them to testify that I they had given me money to those communities “.

“I’m a religion leader I’m not the government messenger or the accountant to the government, the issue of money given to IDPs have no arise at all, it’s just a mere rumour they can go to any length to confirm that as far as I’m concern it’s a baseless rumour concurred to tarnish my image and that of the Church.

“If fighting injustice meted on the people of Tambo where I use my personal money to organize Press, grand interviews to various media Houses to register the church’s displeasure over the killings of people in most Christians dominated communities is what they can be seen as “a million Naira” given to me I agreed to that fact.

“I want to tell whoever that is behind this that they are all liars.

“I’m a send servant of God’s people and they cannot stop me from doing the business of my master.

“The task before me is far more than mere rumour to distract me from the assignment I was given by God”.

Recall that on the 13th July, 2016 Bishop Mike Moses addressed a group of Journalist at the fora of Fulani herdsmen killed.

About three people in Tambo in strong terms condemned the act calling the attention of the Government on a matter of urgency to step in and wade off the barbaric act that has a constant visit to only Christians communities.

He further appreciates the Governor for his efforts to sustain fragile peace hampered by many insurgent activities in the state.

By Dan Garba, Yola


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