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Adamawa teachers lament sec education collapse under Jingi


Adamawa teachers lament sec education collapse under Jingi

The Teachers of Adamawa State Post Primary Schools Management Board (ADSPPSMB) are lamenting.

They have placed their cry “as a matter of urgent public interest and saving the board from total collapsing” under the supervision of its Executive Secretary (ES), Alhaji Muhammad Abdullahi Jingi.

The Crisis began when the Chapter of the state’s All Nigeria Confederation Principals of Secondary Schools (ANCOPS) got wind of information that Muhammad Abdullahi Jingi will be appointed by the Executive Governor of the state, Muhammadu Umaru Jibrilla Bindow to spearhead the activities of the board.

They wrote a letter to the Governor to replace Jingi with anyone from anywhere in as much as the person is qualified.

They based their reasons on the premise that Jingi is not the most qualified and does not have the qualities to manage the board at this material time that the state is trying to out-live the scourges of Boko Haram attacks. 

His records are not clean and lack the temperament to be a good Education Secretary (ES).

The coming of Muhammad on board seems to hold battle axe to hew down some selected few in the board who are not in his good book of record. 

He designed an emergency transfer which affected most of them.

Some queried and considered it to be “vindictive “attacks, not transfer in the real sense of it.

Investigation carried out revealed that almost every secondary school teacher is not finding it easy.

Some described the leadership of the Secretary to be tyrannical and “Vindictive” to those pen down in his blacklist of record.

A Teacher in one of the secondary school in the state capital who asked for privacy to all information revealed said that the ES does have respect to fellow colleagues.

He said he does not have a single gift of leadership and lacks the character of a good comrade which is most needed at this stage of his working career.

“On Monday (25th July, 2016) at exactly 1p.m. in General Murtala Ramat College (GMMC), this Man asked the whole principals and directors to converge there.

“For over one hour he only rained down courses and lavished all forms of abused to these old men which some of them senior by age”.

“These same men have been in the service before him.

“They attained the “Levels “he did not attain all in the name of not loyal to him. 

“What kind of blind loyalty is that”?

“Pleases I have not seen this Man to be a team player to improve the quality of our secondary schools students the state produces, the Government should do fast in saving the situation.

“Loyalty is earned, is not being asked for,” he fumed.

Another Source from the Northern zone and who also wants to be anonymous laments that the kind of Jingi is not fit to hold the ADSPPSMB, knowing him since 1987 when he newly resumed office as a classroom teacher .

The source said “Jingi is known as a controversial Teacher to both his colleagues and Students, at a point in one of the  secondary school he worked students had to protest for him to go.

“Jingi now becomes the untouchable, grows wings and horns just because the Governor said that no matter what he will not remove him.

“He can do and undo, he even comes to office at will of time or day”.

A source also revealed that “in a formal gathering Muhammad showed them he has two books of records: 

“The white book of enjoyment and a black book of suffering, where he said he will transfer some people to places where they will go and suffer and transfer some in places to where they will go and enjoy”.

“Is talking of some people are trying to avert their transfer but how many times has he been transfered but went and lobby for him to be retained? 

“Don’t forget the same man when he was working in Government Day Secondary School Army Barracks and was transferred.

“He refused to go, rather, went and cut corners.

“In fact precisely July 2012 an ANCOPSS had to be set a committee to intervene in his refusal to comply with a transfered given to him from GSS Karewa to GSS Army Barracks. 

“In GSS Gwadabawa his last place of assignments the records are still there that is still the signatory to all documents which is not supposed to be so”.

“You see this man is adding trouble to our governor that’s known to be doing great work in the state.

“So he should bring some body that will help him to uplift the good intentions meant to do in the state through our board.

“The notoriety of Boko Haram Crisis in our state keeps many students running away from enrolling in our secondary schools in some part of the state, Jingi is not good enough to manage the situation and if not properly checked is tantamount to have a disastrous board,” he said.

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Teachers of Adamawa State Post Primary Schools Management Board (ADSPPSMB) are lamenting, saying education is collapsing under Jingi’s supervision.


A retired secondary teacher in the state, who simply said his name is Danliti Mamman revealed that ES Jingi is not fair to so many teachers in Adamawa state.

He said his level of integrity is questionable and urged Governor Bindow to do something urgent about it else, he foresee a “doomed ” and all secondary schools are heading to a state of “Emergency “.

“Let me remind the Governor that Education is the bedrock of development.

“Anywhere in the world, most especially in countries that practice democracy, they don’t politicize education sector of whatever type and level and for whatever reason. 

“Therefore anyone found practicing politics in the sector should be properly dealt with,” he advised.

According to him Jingi is full of nebulous activities deviating from the predefined vision and mission of the board which will have bedevilling effects in the kind of products they have in all the secondary schools leavers.

“Why should an executive secretary of an education board be asking of a brown envelops?  

“Why is he begging for total loyalty from his colleagues, loyalty of what sense?”

“Let me tell you, to a teacher there is no better respect he deserves from his students than being a good performing student, which is commensurate to the loyalty  he is looking for.

“And I think Jingi should be good enough to cooperate with his directors, principals, teachers and even his students,” he said.

According to Information gathered the said Jingi is at serious loggerheads with the Commissioner of Education.

He does not receive single other of instructions from her but rather attack anyone that seems to be loyal to her.

While confiding to some of the journalist in his office in Yola, the ES responded that all the allegations levelled against him are baseless without taste of truth.

According to him the whole issue is bores down to the simple fact that he is a Muslim whose originality is traced to be a Fulani man from Gombe state but by virtue of birth he became an indigene of Adamawa State Numan LGA through his forefathers.

“Let me tell you if I’m not qualified I wouldn’t be here.

“I beat my chest to tell you that I grow through the ranks to be here.

“I had a grade three certificate, a grade two; I had an NCE from Zaria then later obtained a B.Ed. and this I made because I want to be a teacher to the core.”

“And with this no one can challenge my illegibility, credibility of being here, I want to tell you I merit.

“So they are just attacking me base on religion, and non-indigeneship of a thing “

“I transfered them based on the condition of service and your acceptance letter which stated that you can be transfer to anywhere in the state to work as it is gazetted in 1995 of Adamawa state which empowers me to do that ,” he said.

According him all he knows whatever is doing is with the approval of the Governor and he must be answerable to the Governor as “Chief accounting officer of the board “.

Adamu Bobboi, Yola


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