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ADC in search of the best for Anambra, Ndigbo & Nigeria

By Theo Rays

Clearly, the present insecurity situation in Nigeria coupled with high rate of poverty, hunger, unemployment and high cost of living have not just put the citizens on their toes but also put them to serious test thereby demanding that we should get our best of education, experience, exposure, wisdom, knowledge, talents and gifts at work.

Although everybody has to be involved in the struggle to fix Nigeria, the political class is expected to be at the forefront.

Yeah, the political class in Nigeria is expected to think out of the box and bring out workable solution to the myriad of challenges facing their country.

Checks carried out by our correspondent showed that there are some members of the political class that are thinking out of the box on how to address the challenges Nigeria.

One of such thinkers are those in the political party known as African Democratic Congress (ADC) under the leadership of Chief Ralph Okey Nwosu as National Chairman.

To ADC, it is time for relevant stakeholders in Nigeria to do things differently and better.

It is time for the people to change the tone of thinking and acting to be able to get the best hands at work.

It is time to get the best at work to provide service oriented solution to the problems at hand.

Concerned about the need to get the best at work, ADC has began to search for the best using the opportunity being provided by the forthcoming governorship election in Anambra State and of course the 2023 generation election in Nigeria.

Aware that it is not possible to derive change while doing things in the same way, ADC has apparently changed the tone of politics in Anambra State.

The National Chairman Nwosu in his address during the Congress of the Anambra chapter of the party held in Awka the State capital changed the tone of politics with broad thinking and broad expression of what is expected from the next governor of The Light of the Nation State.

According to Nwosu in his address titled “Rethinking Our Strategies: Envisioning Anambra as the Ijele of Africa to Light Up the Nation.”

ADC is anchored on transparency, responsibility, endurance, innovation, honestly, inclusion among other leadership responsibilities, thus the party will deliver dividends of democracy to Ndi-Anambra, if voted into power.

Under this broad thinking and broad expression ADC is prepared to give Anambra the best governor ever. Similarly, the party has also began to work towards getting the best for Nigeria ahead of the 2023 general election.

Speaking on the Nigeria political scene generally in his address, Nwosu observed that Nigeria can hardly get it right educationally, economically, and in the area of employment generation without working on new political psyche as being championed by the ADC.

He noted that leadership ineptitude, elite opportunism and hypocrisy coupled with citizens inertia would continue to weigh the country down, until the country and its citizens decide to support and enthrone the right people and the right political party into power

Hear him: “Nigerians must deconstruct the perilous order and the current mercantile political adventurism that had eclipsed the geographical space of the country.

“We have watched our country, States LGAs and ancient cities reduced to ethnic figments by the small minds, who have dominated positions of authority.

“But I can assure you that the era of whining, ruing and complaining in Anambra and Nigeria should be over if the people aligned themselves with ADC for us to usher in the orchestra to showcase the superpower, economic development and progressive society, that have been denied Nigeria and Nigerians.”

Nwosu’s address doesn’t just clearly identified the areas where things are going wrongly but also pointed the way forward.

It is, therefore, necessary for relevant stakeholders in Anambra, Igboland and Nigeria such as the people that are well to do, people of goodwill and philanthropic interest, change agents, political pressure groups, religious groups including the christen churches, NGOs, women groups, youth and the electorates to see reason not just to toe the path of ADC but contribute meaningfully to building the party being the platform that has the vision for the solution to our problems.

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