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Address Nigerians periodically if you’re not on Life-Support, Activist Charges Buhari


A human rights activist and author, Comrade Paul Ikechukwu Njoku, has challenged President Muhammadu Buhari to periodically update and address Nigerians on the Covid-19 pandemic ravaging Nigerians if he is not in a life-support ventilator elsewhere as speculated.

In a short message across sent to  by the activist, he wrote:

“President Muhammadu Buhari could be on a life-support ventilator and coughing heavily without remedy despite the denial from the presidency and hence the doctored photos and videos of him in the prowl.

“I challenge President Buhari to periodically update and address Nigerians like other World Presidents if he was not tested positive for coronavirus and in a life-support ventilator as widely speculated.

The Author, Comrade Paul Ikechukwu Njoku

“We are aware that his Chief of Staff, Abba Kyari, recently tested positive for the Covid-19 virus but Mr.President was reportedly declared negative for coronavirus.

“We are concerned about the whereabouts and supposed unprecedented voice of Mr. President simply because he is our President elected by Nigerians. We need to incessantly hear the words of counselling from him amidst the global and health crisis.

“He swore an oath to protect the lives and property of Nigerians and to defend the constitution. If Buhari was truly tested negative for Coronavirus, why is he invisible from Nigerians who elected him as the father of the nation? Was his covid-19 laboratory result-result inconclusive?

“One would have expected him to declare state of emergency in the health sector by adopting section 305 of the constitution with its palliative measures to curb the devastating effect of the pandemic. His body language and AWOL have insignificantly compelled state governors not to clinically do the needful and financially engage the basic implementation of Quarantine Act 8 & 5 respectively”, Njoku stated.

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