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Afa Igbo Efuna: Full text of speech delivered by Senator Ifeanyi Ubah in UK


Text of speech delivered by Mr. Chigozie Gerald Udogu, the Chief of Staff to Senator (Dr.) Ifeanyi Ubah on march 12th, 2020 at the Westminster, London SW1A 0AA United Kingdom, on the occasion of Bame Political Engagement with Prof. Joe Ukemenam.

Good evening Ladies and gentlemen

I bring you all greetings from Anambra South and Alaigbo in general. My name is Chigozie Udogu, the Chief of Staff to Senator (Dr.) Ifeanyi Ubah, the Founder of Afa Igbo Efuna and the Senator representing Anambra South Senatorial District.

I am here today, with my colleagues, Mr. Iloka Mbazulike, the State Coordinator of Afa Igbo Efuna Anambra State, Chief Michael Okechukwu (Ogene Ayamelum) and the leader of Ifeanyi Ubah Solidarity Movement (IUSM), Mr. Adichie Izuchukwu (SSA on Media) and Mr. Godspower Ikechukwu who is a legislative Aide.

I am really pleased to be accorded the rare privilege of delivering this keynote speech on behalf of my principal who unfortunately and regrettably, was unable to be at this auspicious and intellectual occasion which is aimed at charting a viable course for sustainable political development in our country Nigeria.

It is always a pleasure to share his ideological standpoint in matters that relate to political emancipation and development.

It is my expectation that today’s engagement will not only bolster the political narrative in our nation but also foster greater understanding of my senatorial journey, vision and achievements so far.

Chief of Staff to Senator (Dr.) Ifeanyi Ubah, Mr. Chigozie Gerald Udogu

It has been long argued that the Igbos were at the forefront of Nigeria’s leadership elite during colonialism but shortly after independence, the leadership of Ndigbo set their sights on Nigerian leadership and did little or nothing to sustain the requisite coherence for the growth and advancement of Ndigbo as a major segment of the Nigerian populace.

The Hausas and Yorubas continued with the preservation of their ethnic culture and ideals, while the Igbo people scattered in various directions of the wind in pursuit of divergent personal agendas. Ndigbo as a people failed to forge a united front in Nigeria on account of individual pursuits of interests and ambitions that precluded Igbo Unity. Personal interests overtime grew and shortchanged our place in the plaque of history. This has to change now.

An old African proverb reminds us that you have to keep your family in good stead before you can go public. If your house is not in order, you cannot be a good member of the community. It is no longer easy to identify our problems and it is not sufficient to cry about marginalization, it is rather a necessity for all well-meaning Igbo men, women, boys and girls, to work collectively to reclaim our heritage and transform it into a common denominator of the current era. This is what AFA IGBO EFUNA represents and aims to achieve.

Senator Ifeanyi Ubah’s senatorial journey was borne out of a strong belief in the shared prosperity, development and economic recovery of Ndi Igbo. This is the crux of all Ifeanyi Ubah represents as a person, mentor and leader. It is my belief that his formidable track record and experience in the private sector has earned him tremendous knowledge and capacity to understand the multiple expectations of his constituents and Ndigbo in general.

This was the basis of his Senatorial quest; to consolidate Anambra South’s credentials as the most economically and commercially viable districts in Nigeria in a bid to show the political class in Igbo land how to achieve economic independence and prosperity.

In less than a year at the National Assembly, coupled with the incessant lawsuits that have been initiated by those who have vowed to rob the people of Anambra South off their collective mandate, Senator Ifeanyi Ubah has been able to weather the storm while ensuring that he makes available, the dividends of democracy through initiating people-oriented bills and motions. He has been able to push the following bills aimed at bringing development to Anambra South:

• Deep Offshore and Inland Basin Production Sharing Contract Cap D3 LFN (Amendment) Bill 2019
• National Institute for Business Studies Nnewi, Anambra Establishment Bill 2019.
• Petroleum Tankers Safety Bill, 2019.
• Power and Petroleum Safety Institute, Oraifite Establishment Bill, 2019
• Institute of Rice Research and Development, Amichi-Nnewi South Establishment Bill 2019.
• Bill to Upgrade Federal Polytechnic Oko, Orumba-North, Anambra To Federal University of Technology Oko.
• National Institute for Security and Strategic Studies, Orumba, Anambra State Establishment Bill 2019.
• Erosion Control and Prevention Commission Establishment Bill 2019.
• Institute of Aviation Safety and Management Mbosi, Anambra Establishment Bill 2019.
• Metallurgy Training Institute, Orumba Establishment Bill 2020.
These bills have positioned Senator Ifeanyi Ubah as one of the most active Senators of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. He has also been proactive enough to also push motions that would directly better the lives of our people, taking into cognizance the level of neglect Nigerians have suffered over the years. Some of these motions are:
• Motion on The Urgent Need to Protect Nigeria’s Indigenous Airlines from Extinction Due to Multiple Designations And Frequencies Granted Foreign Airlines In Nigeria
• Motion on The Urgent Need to Look into The Infrastructural Decadence Ravaging the Nkwo Nnewi Commercial Cluster, Trade Fair Complex Along Lagos-Badagry Expressway and Oshodi Apapa Expressway Which Leads To Nigeria’s Biggest Seaports – Tincan And Apapa Wharf.
• Motion to Investigate Crude Oil Revenue Loss Which Will Generate N360 Billion Annually Through the Review of The Deep Offshore and Inland Basin Production Sharing Contract Act Cap D3 LFN 2004 And Amendment Of Act
• Motion on The Closure of Over 600 Nigerian Shops And Businesses In Ghana
• Motion on The Urgent Need for The Federal Government Of Nigeria To Take Proactive Measures To Forestall An Imminent Scarcity Of Surgical Facemasks In Nigeria As A Result Of The Corona Virus Outbreak And The Urgent Need To Checkmate The Unpatriotic Profiteering And Illegal Exportation Of Facemasks To Asia And Other Affected Countries.

The Afa Igbo Efuna crew

Senator Ifeanyi Ubah has taken a position to fight for the sustenance and continued relevance of Alaigbo. He is a very strong and proud Igbo man who is passionate about the protection of the Igbo name and the pride attached to it. He has fully dedicated himself to ensure that “Afa Igbo Ama Efu”.

Consequently, the reality and possibility of developing Alaigbo in general, lies in our ability to bring those within the government circle and the Captains of Industries, which Alaigbo is blessed with, while working in tandem with the needs of the grassroots, in order to defeat our development snags and hindrances.

As Igbos, we must formulate a new direction by enthroning a substantive and consensus Igbo Agenda. We must deeply entrench the virtues of unity, honesty, trust, integrity and transparency in our value system. We must change our behavior individually to strive for the total unity and total commitment to our ageing philosophy of IGWEBUIKE.

Together and working in unison, I believe we can take Alaigbo to the promised destination.

I thank you once again, my brothers and sisters.

Enjoy the rest of your evening.

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