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How Africa Won The World Cup In France ~ By C. K. Ekeke

Re: Africans are the real World Cup winners — Venezuela President


‘Congratulations Africa!’

I agree that Africans have won their first World-Cup and that’s the only way Africans can win this highly coveted global trophy – when they play for a European nation.

If these French – African born soccer players – from  Cameroon, Angola, Nigeria, the DRC, Mali, and Guinea, Senegal, etc., had played together for  either one of the countries listed, they would not have won the world cup.

In France, they received the best training, support, and respect – which would have eluded them playing for any African nation.  They will not receive the same treatment in Africa.

Moreover, in Nigeria for instance, each tribe – especially the major three will be fighting to have equal or more representation in the soccer-field.

France did not care that their world cup squad has 17 African players out of 22 members.

And so, the only way Africans can win the world cup is for African soccer talents to take up citizenship of any European nation and play for that nation.

Having said that, my family was divided. While my wife pitched her tenth with France, I wanted Croatia to win the global trophy beating France – a super-power that watched while Croatians were being massacred by the defunct Yugoslavian dictator.

Hundreds of thousands of Croatians were murdered but they resisted, suffered and died in their thousands until their freedom was granted by the global powers – the U.S. leading that effort in 1989 – 1992.

Today, Croatia, one of the six nations created out of defunct Yugoslavia, has one of the most admired democratic system of government in the world.

In fact, in 2015, they elected their 4th president – the beautiful and talented leader – Kolinda Grabar-Kitarović to lead their nation.  Everyone saw her exercise leadership at the trophy award ceremony.

She embraced, kissed, laughed and cried with both her country players as well as France that defeated them.

In fact for me, she’s the actual winner of the world cup. She was just wonderful.  The world has seen and are in love with her wonderful and authentic leadership.

C. K. Ekeke

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