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African Youths To Hold 2019 Africa/Diaspora Youth Summit

To Africans in the Diaspora/EU

ARISE AFRICA! That’s the Spirit! It’s Africa’s time! It’s Our time!! And we have to rise to the occasion and build our communities and our countries. No one, and I repeat, no one can and would build Africa but Africans.

We hear people from the Diaspora always saying: “Africans would not allow us to make impact or to contribute to Africa’s development”. The good news to Africans in the Diaspora is: Here is an opportunity and a solid platform to do just that.

We all owe it to our people who look up to us as the blessed ones that have got good education both in country and internationally , and those that are doing great things around the world , to now come together and build a great institution,# Africa Youth Summit AYS 2019.

We call for a concerted efforts from conglomerate of organisations ,groups and companies with very good influence in the governments of where we operate to bring the change we have been expecting government to do these years to no avail. We have the technology, the know-how and relationships around the globe to build up any country we choose to, and the impact would be great.

Africans in the diaspora transfer to Africa every year over 45 Billion USD just through western union alone, by estimates the transfer by Diaspora Africans is close to 100 Billion USD every year, far more than the Aids from all the Western countries and International donor Agencies put together.

Yet the diaspora has never put any condition to the government or even any demand from them, while tiny countries would bring a 100 million USD aid program that would mostly go back to the consultants or manufacturers of the donor Nations , and dictate a policy that when the African governments do implement them , makes these countries Billions of USD in exploitations or business revenue.

Consequently, we stand by and fold our hands and complain about having bad Leadership and we resort and to praying. Prayer is key, no doubt, but after praying we need to sit down, think, strategize to bring out a solid plan and execute them with the best professionals in that field, this is what would bring Africa’s wealth of talents to the global community.

These ideals are the driving principles of setting up Africa Youth Summit AYS 2019.

  • Theme: Light Up Africa (Transformation Of The African Continent)
  • Date: November Friday 29th – Saturday 30th, 2019.
  • Time: 10am Daily.
  • Venue: International Conference Centre (ICC) , Abuja, Nigeria.

Aim and Objectives Of The Summit

1. To bring representatives of diaspora youth platforms & organizations to present their views to Africans on critical issues on how to move our continent forward with emphasis on Economy, Education and Leadership.

2. To increase the participation of young people in African cooperation, reinforce youth employment especially through *creativity and productivity.

3. To develop a comprehensive understanding of the needs and challenges of young people and youth civil society groups in Africa, including common and diverging themes, as well as potential avenues for workable solutions.

We are going to follow the agreement of the Africa Youth Summit to initiate a Fintech Company which would involve playing a role in the digital business.

We also agreed at the Summit, to build a secure and reliable Process, System and Procedure for electioneering in Africa, by developing with our global tech-partners a system for Voting during elections on the Blockchain decentralised networks.

These are hack-proof networks that are not controlled by any central point or person, therefore making it the first real democratic voting system known in the world today that is tamper proof.

If we achieve these goals within the next five years, we would have impacted Africa, in ways unimaginable. By creating a trustworthy electioneering systems, will usher innovative, vibrant, young energetic and digital Leaders all over the continent.

When people know that their voices would be heard through their votes, lifting millions out of poverty, opening up greatest store and reserves of wealth in the world today that Africa’s human and natural resources represent.

This is the silent revolution that would not be televised, people can vote using their digital Ids on their telephone or on their computer and results are collated in real time on a transparent digital screen watched by all at the same time.

This disrupts collating officers and election agents that are humans, who most of the time are blackmailed into rigging of elections if not bought outright.

Elections in Africa would become nonviolent and about the parties Blueprint agenda and their candidates integrity and pedigree , and not about guns and money.

We believe this is possible in Africa when the Entrepreneurial and Leadership Centres are set up in every country in the continent where we bridge the knowledge gap and digital gap between Africa and the world, using our collective abilities and resources.

A Hub and Research Centre, where Africans in the Diaspora and their counterparts in the continent would come together chart new paths for Africa’s development, devoid of politicians and governments bureaucracy and corruption.

My friends, I believe we have a Divine mandate and responsibility to build this Africa of ours for ourselves and our children. To whom much is given, much is required.

God has blessed most of us on this platform to have done better than the average Africa anywhere on the planet ,so we have to give back to our people.

This platform has come to be as a result of a Summit organized to come up with a plan and a time line to build strong institutions instead of strong men to just do that.

You are here because I see you as someone who attended or associated with the summit or might have something to offer, so please make yourself available in the areas you can contribute to this great mission.

Africa has risen, we just need to get her to take her place amongst the great continents of the world.

We have fed the world’s industries and stock markets and commodities markets for hundreds of years with our commodities, minerals and raw materials.

Today, it’s our human resources that are being exported at ridiculous low value these days in a parlance I termed Voluntary Slavery.

Most are willing to risk death in the Sahara desert and the Mediterranean Sea, just to arrive here in Europe to get themselves into Voluntary slavery.

This must stop, and that now! We cannot over emphasize the urgency of the now.

It is also in the interest of Europe that we collaborate in creating sustainable development, opportunities and meaningful job creating vehicles, like our trade and read programs, back in Africa and create enabling environments for talents to bud and prosper in Africa, by Africans and for Africans, to mitigate this wave of migrations into Europe.

These are no more times for good camera opportunities of aid agencies doing photo ops and political correct statements when they know their programs are not making any impact, but yet continue so to justify paying their salaries, while the masses are suffering.

Naturally, in human history if a neighbour is in plenty and abundance while one is in lack, without serious help, the ones that do not have, out of share will for survival would jump the gates or walls to get some of the abundance of the neighbour’s windfall.

Europe in history had come across to Africa for help in the past many times even in the biblical history of famine that Joseph fed the rest of the known world from Egypt’s surplus in Africa.

So, as we engage the EU assembly and member countries, we look for reliable alternative to outdated methods deployed hitherto by developmental agencies and government aid groups towards Africa which had not yielded any significant results, but only on paper has it had great impact, to find lasting solutions to the lingering problems of job creation and opportunities, to implement alchemical economic methods of inclusiveness in Africa.

If we are not serious about solving these problems, Europe actually would be the biggest casualty, because her social security systems are busting at its seems, dealing with a bankrupt retirement balance sheet with its own lesser tax-payers to cater to the retiring baby-boomers, which is a looming financial apocalypse, to add millions of young uneducated and unskilled Africans to the equation creates a problem of unimaginable proportions already being felt in Italy and Greece*.

This is no time for business as usual again in the age old challenge of the neglect of Africa’s youth and female population which is growing exponentially.

This is a global emergency, and only Africans can solve these problems in partnership with global institutes, private sector, and international agencies.

We the diaspora and the elite and intellectual Africans hold the key to a sustainable solution, let’s roll our sleeves and do the work. Enough of prayers alone!

I, Ambassador Uchechukwu Ekpere Paul and the Board of the DYTI/NYD welcome all who find this vision resonating in their hearts that Africa deserves better than what her leaders and the global status quo are giving to the continent that is called Mother Africa because she has fed the world for over 400 years with her resources and children. It is time to FAVOUR HER.

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Being an address by Ambassador Uchechukwu Ekpere Paul, President Diamond Youth Transformation Initiative (DYTI) /Nigerian Youth Decide (NYD)

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