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Agents for Positive Transformation: We’re Here! ~By Chukwudi Okonkwo


My personal goal with Agents for Positive Transformation is to build such youthful leaders worthy of integrity, truth, honesty and accountability

In the last week of October 2015, I was seriously disturbed in spirit. I had so much worries for our Country, Nigeria. 

My instinct got drawn to the unfortunate, most unimaginative, happenings in our nation whereby those humans elected in various levels of government are not considering the devastating pains and agonies of those they led. 

It became, at the time, glaringly clear that the present government in power lacked the zeal, vision and will to pilot the affairs of the country to meet the desired positive change expected from them by the citizenry. 

I recalled that as at October 2015, the Presidency has not appointed Ministers as the constitution demands. 

Situations seemed, at the time, very obvious that the government of our country across all levels doesn’t have the interest of the people at heart. What they are concerned about is their own selfish gains and ambitions. I could not eschew such behaviour. 

I am not one to keep quit while a great number of our people: young and old keep dying in great penury and hunger. 

It would be so evil and an inhumanity to man if someone like me keeps quit and allows those so called leaders at the realm of affairs keep having a field day with our abundantly blessed natural resources. 

I could not fathom how abundantly our country is blessed by the Owner of the Universe and our leaders are not making good use of such golden opportunity for the betterment of the citizens. 

I could not equally stand our people being subjected to greater danger of poverty, high level of unemployment and deadly diseases while the so called ‘Ogas/Madams at the top’ – the very people we believed in and elected – ride in ‘heavenly places’ of comfort and luxury. 

“All these must stop”, I vowed. 

My instinct was made to realize that the current government headed by President Muhammadu Buhari is no different from the previous governments our country had had since independence. 

And the question that keeps lingering in my mind was, “When exactly are we going to get visionary government in Nigeria?” Too many questions and too many thoughts. 

At the end, I said to myself that it is high time we young Nigerians stop wailing and hailing, but rather mount up courage to challenge our developmental leaders heads on in doing what is right and good for the greater benefit of the people. 

Because if we youths do not act to challenge them now, who will? If we do not raise up to help our helpless government with our creatively expertise, when are we going to raise up? 

And more so, our refusal to act then means giving more rooms to the ‘old cargoes’ to continue to oppress our people, looting the treasury for themselves, remaining ‘eternally’ in power and of course, continue to take us for granted, nay for nincompoops. God forbid bad thing! 

Of course, we are no fools and as such, we must prove it to them that we are not. We must prove it to them not merely by sitting down in our parents houses cursing and wailing them; patriotism calls for us to raise up and challenge them! 

Well, the fact remains that if we don’t act now, we will never get it right in this land till the Archangels blow the trumpet for rapture! 

But then, it is high time we youths ‘gang-up’ for the visionless leaders in power. 

The spirit of patriotism calls for us to show them that we can do-much more than-what they are incapable of doing in governance; that we can help them make/formulate right policies that will benefit the country in the long run. 

The youths are the engine of every Nation. They have the brainpower that can transform our nation. They have the manpower that can invent greater opportunities for the good of the nation. 

Thence, in my state of thoughts, I discovered the need to have youths who can raise up and challenge the government for good governance. I discovered that our youths need someone who will take them to the “promised land”. That’s what led me into founding Agents for Positive Transformation. 

All in all, founding the Group was by God’s directive. He gave me the vision and He is still the One guiding me through. “For God giveth to a man that is good in His sight wisdom, and knowledge, and joy: (Ecclesiastics 2:26a)” and “I know that whatever God does, it shall be forever: (3:14a). 

After God’s approval, I began the foundation by selectively gathering University friends and colleagues together-all of them past students leaders and most of them aspiring future leaders in government. 

The criteria used in the selection process includes: integrity, honesty, leadership experience, courage, bravery to mention a few. The platform remains a training ground for leadership development. 

In my capacity as the Visionary Coordinator of the dignified Group initially known as Potential Youths For Change (PYC), and later renamed Agents for Positive Transformation (APT), I have learnt a lot and still learning. 

I have come to discover the kind of people we are as Africans, particularly Nigerians. The bitter truth remains that we have a very long way to go in making things better for our dear Country. Albeit, all hope is not lost. We shall get there and we will. 

As could be noted among other missions of the Group, we are aimed at challenging our visionless leaders in all strata of governance on the necessity of developing the society with so much more resources available to them. 

Our Group is a non-profit, nonpartisan one and we are not affiliated to any political party. 

However, we do support such organisations whose goals and aspirations aligns with ours. Our vision remains to build a just and egalitarian society capable of competing with other great Nations of the World.

My personal goal with the Group is to build such youthful leaders worthy of integrity, truth, honesty and accountability; noble youths who can go out there, contest elective posts and take over our governance to transform it into a good system that will benefit the citizens greatly.

Our ‘poor’ people deserve better amenities. Our workers deserve better pay. Graduates deserve fast employments. 

Our women deserve good positions of authority. Our children deserve the good things of life. We shall get there and we MUST!

Chukwudimma Aaron-Okonkwo

Visionary Coordinator

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