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Aisha Buhari: The politics of kitchen & bedroom in Villa

Aisha Buhari is a combination of brain & beauty. Nigeria has had many first ladies but she is perhaps the first with a good academic background and…

The Nigerian First Lady, Aisha Buhari, is a combination of brain and beauty. 

Nigeria has had many first ladies but this one is perhaps the first First Lady with a good academic background and radical outspoken mien. 

A graduate of the Ahmadu Bello University (ABU) in Zaria Kaduna state the President’s second wife hails from Adamawa state. 

She was brought to national limelight when the rogue Governor of Ekiti State, Ayo Fayose, wrongfully alleged that she was the same and only “Aisha Buhari” involved in the Halliburton scandal in America. 

Fayose even challenged her to pay a visit to the States if she was not afraid of the American judicial system — something she did some weeks back without any repercussions. 

Fayose was proved a liar once more!

When the wild allegation came up the first lady picked offense and harshly tackled the Ekiti controversial man enjoying a purloined gubernatorial mandate. 

She called him “the unchained mad dog” with whom she was ready to engage. 

Today the truth is out vindicating our first lady and exposing Fayose for what he is: a fraud! 

Now that the fugitive former Minister cum Ambassador, Musiliu Obanikoro, is back home from his US hiding place and in the EFCC custody the Ekiti loudmouth must be having some sleepless nights, quietly praying to his god for political survival since his returning partner-in-crime has spilled the beans about the famous ‘Ekitigate’.

Before Aisha Buhari Nigeria has had some first ladies; some courting the limelight and others controversy. 

One (Stella Obasanjo) even died in ‘office’ trying to impress her husband aesthetically by going for a tummy tuck surgery in Spain that turned out to be her last outing in the land of the living. 

Before the late Stella we had had the late affable Maryam Babangida who mesmerized us with her beauty and her solid conjugal support base when Gen. Ibrahim Babangida was calling the shots from Dodan Barracks in Lagos to Aso Rock in Abuja. 

Post-Babangidaism we were treated to a spectacle of marital infidelity when the late Gen. Sani Abacha allowed himself to be ‘assassinated’ by an imported Indian prostitute! 

Mariam Abacha, now in Kano, never knew what to make of the sudden demise of the dictator who was defiant till his last breath. 

The beautiful Mariam must be asking herself what she ‘lacked’ anatomically that must have pushed the ‘Khalifa’ to want to ‘discover’ another Eve with a different pigmentation. 

Alas some men are insatiable both sexually and materially and the late Abacha fell in that category.

Before Aisha took up residence in the Aso Villa we were complaining of the damned ‘Dame-disease’ in our national life. 

“Mama Peace” was both the overbearing first lady (who sometimes broke protocol) and Permanent Secretary in faraway Bayelsa state! 

She goofed and committed innumerable gaffes; she was involved in fiscal heists and official corruption that was the hallmark of her husband’s administration. 

She was in love with filthy lucre and scandals broke every now and then concerning her exploits. 

Mrs Jonathan’s cupidity was unrivalled in the history of first lady-ship in Nigeria!

Today millions of dollars discovered in some banks in Lagos and elsewhere by the EFCC reportedly belonging to her or her cronies still constitute subjects of litigation and controversy. 

Some of the accounts were opened with the particulars of housemaids or aides who did not know they ‘owned’ such bank accounts containing hefty deposits! 

Patience Jonathan was audacious and domineering during the GEJ presidency. 

Married to a former Deputy Governor turned President, she was intoxicated with power and proved to be difficult to handle by the meek man from Otuoke

But before the Dame (who told us she had ‘died’ many times in German hospitals undergoing surgeries after surgeries) we had a taciturn Turai Yar’Adua whose husband died in office while discreetly nursing a terminal ailment. 

Turai had wanted to seize power with her crooked associates but a Goodluck happened instead sending the woman to Katsina to properly mourn her departed husband. 

Turai and Patience at one point tussled over a piece of land in Abuja!

Recently Aisha Buhari granted a controversial interview to the Hausa service of the BBC. 

Before the programme could even be aired we read online reports of desperate moves by people at the corridors of power to stop its airing. 

But the BBC management stood their ground amidst pressure and subtle intimidation from official quarters in Nigeria. 

And when it was finally aired hell was let lose. So, what did Aisha say that has somewhat transformed her into a celebrity worldwide? 

Did she say, for instance, that the President was a ‘Yan Daudu’? 

Or that the presidential poll that brought him to office was rigged in his favour? 


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