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Aisha Buhari was invited by US Institute of Peace, not White House

Aisha Buhari was invited by US Institute of Peace, not White House

In recent days more detractors with defective mentality akin to that of Ayodele Fayose seems to be springing up. 

Before today Fayose with worst cases of corruption that crumbled Ekiti State economy had maliciously and falsely alleged that the wife of the president Mrs Aisha Buhari has been barred from traveling to America because of her alleged involvement in Halliburton bribe scandal. 

To gain undeserved attention, Fayose further boasted that to prove his allegations wrong, Mrs Aisha Buhari need to travel to America and grant a press statement.

Mrs. Buhari considers Fayose as a non-issue and at best a corrupt ridden ex-governor implicated and accused of murder by his present day media aide. 

Without immunity, the home of Fayose ought be the prisons.

Aisha Buhari was invited by US Institute of Peace, not White House

The wife of the president Mrs Aisha Buhari speaking at George Mason University

Facts about Fayose makes his person stinks and joining issues with non-entities is like running naked with a mad man in the street.

Be that as it may, some Nigerians, fashioned in Fayose mentality and sponsored to rub mud on the integrity of PMB and his family are like biblical Thomas still projecting their doubt and demanding that Mrs Aisha Buhari must go to White House to prove that she is in America. 

This is a laughable demand that could only come from frustrated mischief makers sponsored to blackmail the presidency. 

The PMB fight against corruption must continue despite the fact that corruption is really fighting back. 

The efforts to warp the name of the President in corruption will continue to fail; guess what! 

The commitment of these corrupt ridden Nigerians and their sponsors is targeted at soiling the name of the president so as to dampen Nigerian’s commitment to the anti-corruption fight. 

This indeed is an effort in futility as Buhari remains Mr. Integrity.

For purposes of record and to safe gullible Nigerians from misinformation, the wife President Mrs Aisha Buhari was invited by the United State Institute of Peace (USIP) not the white house. 

She merely respected an invitation for a round table discussion. 

Because of media request, she went to Voice of America (VOA) for a Press statement to dispel fake propaganda and safe gullible Nigerians from being misled. 

Ayodele Fayose demanded that the wife of the president should travel to America and give a press statement and this she has done. 

When will the desperation of our people end?

The wife of the President has been in America for three days now, why have American FBI not arrested her as claimed by Fayose?

For frustrated mischief makers sponsored to continue the Fayose blackmail that now demand the wife of the president to go to the White House to show she is in America, I think this is a laughable joke. 

United State does not operate a banana republic and nobody is given a schedule in the white house without being invited.

So our president’s wife cannot fall to your unsavory and mischievous attempt to rub mud on her name. 

The wife of the president was invited for a peace conference and she will limit her activities to her schedule.

I use this opportunity to appreciate the wife of the President for always maintaining her long standing relationship with our Ikom, Cross River State born Ntunkae Mary Eta (Esq.). 

By privilege of this relationship built on trust, commitment and hard work, Ntunkae Eta has an unfettered access to the presidency. 

May your days be long and your enemies be permanently silenced!

Aisha Buhari was invited by US Institute of Peace, not White House

Joseph Odok, Social Change Agent. Follow me @ Twitter @josephodok4


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