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Akpabio stole N2.5tr out of N4tr received in 8 years – Ita Awak


We’ll use Forensic Investigation, EFCC to retrieve all stolen Akwa Ibom funds – A’Ibom APC


…Says you can’t compare “Dasukigate” to what happened in AKS under Akpabio

…How LG funds was hijacked in 8 years

…Berates Udom over #2 billion security vote, faults ‪#‎11billion‬ loan after receiving #90 billion from federation account

…Says PDP is an empty shell, spirit of Akwa Ibom people now in APC

…As APC receives Eseme Eyibo, Larry Esin, Ignatius Edet, Ekerette Ekpeyong, Mac Joe, Bishop Ekpe James and 10,000 others on Friday

…Udom cancels all govt function, flees Uyo ahead of Friday’s grand reception for Umana

The All Progressives Congress (APC) Akwa Ibom State Chapter has vowed to use the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) and other federal agencies to retrieve all stolen funds looted from the state treasury in the past eight and a half years by the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) led government even as it asserted that former Governor Godswill Akpabio alone stole about N2.5 trillion out of the 4 Naira trillion the state received from the federation account from May 2007- May 2015.

The party’s Publicity Secretary, Engr Ita Awak stated this while answering questions in a Planet FM live political phone-in programme in Uyo on Wednesday.

According to Awak, the ongoing probe of corruption, money laundering, abuse of office and public trust against Col. Dasuki, the immediate past National Security Adviser (NSA) is a child’s play compared to what happened in Akwa Ibom state in the eight years regime of Akpabio. He stated that the incoming APC administration will ensure that every kobo belonging to the state but stolen by the Akpabio’s regime is returned to the treasury and used for the development of the state.

He assured that the party will ensure that anti corruption agencies help trace whereever the funds were laundered to and same returned while those who looted the state patrimony will not go unpunished.

The APC insisted that for eight years, Akpabio sat in Uyo and kidnapped funds meant for Local government administration. Awak submitted that for the eight years the former Governor reigned, a period which witnessed tremendous oil boom, each Local government in the state got nothing less than #100 million monthly and close to #10 billion for Mbo LGA alone. “All these monies were kidnapped in Uyo by Akpabio and the Local governments had nothing to show for. Mbo and Uruan LGA’s are places Adam can come back and recognize because nothing has changed. The APC has come with a paradigm shift. Local government funds under the incoming government with Umana Umana as the leader will go directly to the local government “, he submitted.

The party chieftain described the Appeal Court judgement that nullified the April 11, 2015 fraudulent Governorship election in the state as God’s pathway to liberate the state and its people and called on Akwa Ibom people to rise up and take their destiny in their hands by voting out the PDP government during the forthcoming rerun election.

He described the Akwa Ibom Governorship election as the most fraudulent election ever held in the history of the state, nothing with dismay that it is blasphemous for anyone to call such an election a “divine mandate” when the election was scandalously flawed and stained with the blood of innocent Akwa Ibom people.

On the planned reception of the APC Governorship flag bearer by Akwa Ibom people and the planned ‪#‎APCPrayerSubmit‬ on Friday, January 8, 2016, Chief Awak said the reception is aimed at receiving Umana Umana whom he described as the spear bearer of the struggle to liberate the state as well as thank God for His blessings to the collective efforts to free Akwa Ibom from the evil grip of a cabal that raped, looted and plundered the resources of the state.

Hear him, “The prayer summit is to thank God for the wonderful blessing of the 2015 Appeal Court judgement that gave justice to Akwa Ibom people. Akwa Ibom people want to use the APC prayer summit to come out to bless God and thank God for the victory which wiped the tears of the father’s, mother’s, brothers and sisters who lost their loved ones on April 11,2015 who were gruesomely gunned down by PDP thugs sponsored with Akwa Ibom state money”.

He described Umana Umana as the authentic leader of Akwa Ibom people who is not tied to the apron of anybody nor swore to any oath but rather represents the collective struggle against servitude. He said the party remains optimistic that the Supreme Court will uphold the judgement of the Appeal Court towards the holding of fresh Governorship election where the people’s Governor will emerge.

He noted with delight that Friday’s reception and prayer submit will also witness the formal defection from the defunct PDP and their being received into the APC. According to Awak, those ready to dump the PDP for the APC on Friday include former Member of the House of Representatives, Hon. Eseme Eyiboh, former Governorship aspirant; Larry Esin, former Speaker of the Akwa Ibom State House of Assembly; Mr. Ignatius Edet, former chairman of Uyo LGA; Mr. Ekerette Ekpeyong, former chairman of Ibesikpo LGA; Bishop Ekpe James, former chairman of Itu LGA; Mac Joe among others.

Awak explained that with the massive defection of Akwa Ibom people from the dying PDP to the APC, the spirit of the collective Akwa Ibom people has left PDP as only a big empty shell, a puppet and remnants of the shell remains of what was previously PDP.

” The spirit of Akwa Ibom people are now in the APC. Victory for the APC in the rerun is imminent. Because of impunity, because of lack of democracy, Akwa Ibom people are voting with their feet. The people are saying enough is enough of servitude and internal slavery. The current defection of people from PDP to APC is only a tip of the iceberg. More mass defection will come after the Supreme Court judgement. For eight years PDP used hunger as an instrument of control. PDP was not a democratic party. It was a government of the hegemonic gang for the gang and by the gang. It’s was gangsterism where Akpabio sat and lorded over the state like an emperor”, he submitted.

He said the people must come together to salvage the state and get a Governor that is answering to Akwa Ibom people and not a Governor answerable to a cabal. He noted that the current alliances is meant to create a situation the people will be the ones who decides who becomes their councillor, chairman or representative.

On whether the APC will fulfill it’s campaign promise of paying Akwa Ibom students an annual bursary of #50,000 annually, the party’s spokesperson said the single patriotic act of abolishing the #2 billion security votes Udom Emmanuel is stealing under the guise of security votes is alone to fund the #50,000 annual bursary grant to students and more. Asked if Umana Umana will complete all ongoing project as Governor, Awak promised that all major projects dating back to that Attah administration that has positive impact on the lives of the people will be completed but regretted that seven months after Udom came into office as caretaker Governor, no single project has been done by the regime rather the state has witnessed empty ritual of ground breaking ceremonies.

“Udom has received over #100 billion since coming into office yet nothing to show for it. Any serious government should have a serious project to show in three months. Akwa Ibom people, rise up and utilize this opportunity providence has provided us through the forthcoming rerun and liberate yourself from the Akpabio hegemony and vampirezation of our common wealth. Let’s support and stand behind Umana Umana to liberate our state and secure our future”, he declared.

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