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Akpabio, Why Do You Want To Kill Inibehe Effiong? – By Fejiro Oliver

Inibehe is not your everyday lawyer who files case for clients because of the money involved but does so that Justice may be done and his client wins. 

He’s not your cash and carry activist but one that challenges the status quo and dare the heavens to fall.

As a friend, he is 100% loyal, as a brother, he’s 100% defensive and loving to a fault. His word is his bond. 

He does not raise alarm without a substantial cause. Before he does so, he must have heard enough factual information and knows enough.

This recent attempt by Akwa Ibom Former Gov. Godswill Akpabio to silence him for his travails cannot be taken silently.

 It is as truth as rapture. It is shocking how they got to know that he was leaving for the airport the last time we were both in Akwa Ibom State. 

Soon after he got to the airport, someone ran to his mum agitated and asking if Ini is going back to Lagos via air on that day.

The mother said he had already gone. The source panting said Ini had been penned down to be assassinated on that day but missed by a whisker.

What it means is that I would also have been rained with bullets if they trailed him successfully. Why? I drove him to airport that day. Maybe because I used a car that’s not often driven by me.

The recent court filing where he asked on behalf of a client that Akpabio and nine others should not be allowed to screen Magu as EFCC Chairman and the next day, Unoma Akpabio’s school was placed under investigation is not far from the meeting held by Akpabio’s killer squad that the young man has had his day on earth and must be gunned down.

Let the oppressive government of Akwa Ibom take note that Inibehe is not alone in the struggle. 

Every one of them have children and dear relations and since no one has the sole licence to take another life, the mosaic law of an eye for an eye will not only happen but eyes taken while the ever slow wheel of justice in Nigeria grinds on.

Akwa Ibom is not the fiefdom of Akpabio and his cabal where they decides who lives and who dies. It’s not their empire where indigenes and residents are their slaves and therefore can’t be criticized. 

Agreed that Nigeria is a failed state, we will not sit back and watch Ini brought down by any group of persons or individual who see themselves as the lord of the manor. 

The days where citizens tremble at threats is no more. 

No one can silence Akwa Ibom finest voice. 

No one can silence Akwa Ibom most progressive voice. 

No one can silent the Gani of the time that generations have waited for. 

If anyone thinks it will be business as usual, let it be sounded in Essien Udim, Ikot Ekpene Senatorial District and Akwa Ibom as a whole.

Let it be sounded that Inibehe will not be threatened to remain in Lagos like a fugitive leaving his home state where he’s needed to restore back sanity to most of them in love with their chains.

Akpabio and co should face their EFCC palaver and leave Inibehe out. 

The last time I checked, he’s not a lawyer to the commission and thus not responsible to the travails of the Akpabios.

Let Inibehe Effiong be

By Fejiro Oliver


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