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Akpabio’s Defection And The Rest Of Us – By Charles Ogbu

I’m surprised that people are surprised at Senator Godswil Akpabio’s political intercourse with the APC, the political party of the same President Muhammadu Buhari who has brought nothing but tears and sorrows and mass burials to Nigerians.

Senator Akpabio is not doing anything new. He is simply exhibiting the characteristics of an average Nigerian politician who is as ideologically barren as he is integrity challenged.

The author, Charles Ogbu

Nigeria is a pernicious enterprise. A game being played by our politicians and we are simply pawns in this game.

As far as the average Nigerian politician is concerned, the masses are nothing but a ladder with which to climb to the dinner table. Nothing more.

In fact, there is a sense in which it can be argued that on rare occasion when the masses get invited to this dinner table, it is just so they can be used as the dinner to be eaten, not as a co-eater of this dinner.

Even now, this political jumpology is simply for the purpose of self preservation of the politicians concerned.

If Buhari and his Fulani terrorist group had killed half of Nigerian population without going after these governors and Senators who just left the ruling party, the “decampees” would still be with the APC by now.

Make no mistake, they didn’t leave APC because they were unhappy with the killing of Nigerians by the govt-owned Fulani terror group.

They left because the President was dumb enough to personally go after them, thereby opening numberless warfronts at the same time.

We must never lose sight of this fact.

We are only celebrating their jumping because in addition to normal looting which our politicians are known for, the Muhammadu Buhari govt added mass burial and govt-sponsored ethnic cleansing as jara so it’s only natural for Nigerians to celebrate any political misfortune suffered by his murderous APC party.

But we are not deceived into thinking the average Nigerian politician cares about anyone but himself. For them, there is no such a thing as honour, no integrity, no principle. No nothing. Their guiding principle is sheer greed. And sadly for them, greed is like salty water, the more you drink, the tastier you become.

Our politicians are united. United in raping our destiny.

No Nigerian govt has ever been about the Masses.

Look around, the Buhari Presidency has not made any positive impact on the life of the average Katsina indigen where he comes from, or even a Northerner, except the Fulani herdsmen it has empowered to kill and main and a false sense of ethno-religious supremacy it has engendered in some Northern irredentists who are John Snow in the real sense of the word.

If anything, the Buhari Presidency has only increased the gap between the Northern Buergeoisie and the Proletariat.

In the SouthWest, I am yet to see how Bola Tinubu’s romance with this govt has bettered the lot of the average Yoruba man. The same way I’m still searching for the impact of Dr Olusegun Obasanjo’s 8 year rule to his people. Ditto Dr Good luck Jonathan’s 5 year rule to the Niger Delta people.

Apart from lining their pockets with coins and gold, what impact did Igbo sons and daughters who served the immediate past govt made in Igboland???

So, as long as this atrocious structure remain in place, we the Masses really have no future here. None whatsoever.

The best deal we can get in 2019 is a President who might not be as dark hearted, murderous and monstrous as this current one so that we can at least not be butchered in our own homes by a terror group operating with govt-sponsored impunity.

As presently constituted, Nigeria is a walking tragedy.

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