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Akwa Ibom and Rivers States Tribunal: We are watching

‎With the recent trend of shameful inconsistency and comparison of appellations and evidences as being indoctrinated by the election Tribunal in the country, it will not be out of place for such to be likened as ravaging the sacred temple of the judiciary and threatening the co-existence of our fragile unity.

I will not be surprise that Delta State is next on queue for the ousting out of PDP governors. We are watching with our very eyes open. 

We will not cry for posterity and the law of Karma to take their cause, rather, we will stand up to the fact that the long awaited manifestation of converting pretense to reality is now. 

In other words, the interest of capturing the South-South States as previously boasted as though we are at war is still very much on target. 

We are not a people running a kangaroo government; hence, we will not accept anything that is inimical and capable of running our peace as a people. 

Justice must never be allowed any room for compromise.

 The government of the day lack in totality what it takes to be focused (as we have remained at one particular junction since it took over from the past administration) and mind it’s tenets of business and fulfilling her manifestos to the Nigeria populace instead of venting and interfering in the procedural administration of meting and discharging justice as may be required by the judiciary.

It’s vindictive and vengeful vendetta is whistling like the ravaging harmattan dust blowing without recourse to any damage. 

Hence, while some are so maliciously blinded with hate and rejoicing at their own detriment , only few understands the common fact that these abnormal practice is tearing us apart and catapulting us under the shade of regrettable melancholy. 

I still maintain my stand that there can never be a healthy government without an opposition that reel out constructive criticism and serve as a watchdog via curtailing the excessive ingredients of the ruling party. 

Let the presidency learn from Goodluck Ebele Jonathan who feigned ignorance and never interfered with the judiciary. 

It is on record that GEJ gave the present ruling Government a healthy ground to thrive. 

If the prayer and request to maintain peace and order are still resident in our template and drive for a better democracy, let the Government of the day and her bunch of deceitful macromolecules steer clear from our judiciary.

It is the last hope of the common man and not a Leventis store where every item has a price tag.

Nigerians can’t be beguiled into deceptive acceptance of anything and everything.

We and even the entire world are watching. 

A word is enough…..!

Prince Chux Davix

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