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Akwa Ibomites urged to present lands for agricultural partnership


The Senior Special Assistant to Akwa Ibom State Governor, Mr.Ufot Ebong has urged Akwa Ibomites who are land owners to come forth and partner with the Akwa Ibom Enterprise and Employment Scheme,(AKEES) in terms of agricultural to develop their lands.

He spoke with our Reporter in Uyo, against the backdrops of doubts in the minds of some persons who felt the program was not real.

Ufot Ebong stated that, there are farms across the states, with Akwa Ibomites bring trained on tomatoe farming, concumber, bitrus, and other crops. 

The SSA stated that, there are some farm soils that are limed, to aid the growth of farm produce. According to him, the water reservoir used for irrigation process, is also used for fish farming, which its manure helps the growth of the vegetables.

Going memory lane, Gov.Udom’s SSA further said, in February 2016, the green revolution started with AKEES as a platform, using a proof of concept to test, if agriculture can thrive in the state, and so far, it has been successful. With the trainings and empowerments of trainees with starter kits.

Ebong also said, they have not depended on the government for funding, because they were still on the proof of concept. He said, since it has been proven, the modules will be presented to the state government, with the Ministry of Agriculture coming in, with seasoned professionals to improve on the agricultural sector through AKEES.

AKEES has empowered people with cameras and media equipments to start up businesses, which has also created employment, in line with Governor Udom’s vision of employment creation.

On an inspection visit with our Reporter to the farm, workers on the farm expressed their satisfaction and appreciation to the SSA and the Governor, for their contributions to develop the agricultural sector.

One of the purposes of AKEES, is to have food sufficiency in Akwa Ibom, so that soon, these vegetables will be exported. He also said, bamboo has not been properly utilized in Akwa Ibom like it is in Ethiopia, where it is used for silk production, beer, etc, Mr.Ebong said.

He spoke on the rumored shutting down of the toothpick factory, which the general manager of the factory denied, while confirming the viability of the factory to produce more, with several demands for supply being ordered.

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