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By Okoye Arinze Alexander


My name is Okoye Arinze Alexander, aka (MR NIGERIA INTL HERITAGE 2018).

The name to this project was curbed from my own name ‘Alexander ‘. I was the main character in all of this.

I’m a model, freelance, not with any agency, 5 years in the modelling industry, One international title, few jobs and payments, fame, knowledge about the modelling industry and also facing it’s obstacles as well…the scams from agencies, the criticisms, molestations, rejections at auditions and castings.

A month ago I dropped an article concerning my modeling career, the criticisms, the obstacles and also the chance and a reason to be unique In the modeling industry and not just run commercials or hit the runway or strike poses and take the same kinna pictures that everyone stumbles upon on the net or gram.

In the modeling industry you got to be unique, you got to stand out.

Here’s my first project titled “ALEXANDER’S CROSS”, yeah people are asking, what is it?, what’s it about?, is it a movie?, is it a song… Lol. It’s none.

Over the years I’ve been able to make some adjustments in other to be unique In the industry, to think and try to create a new version of modeling, something that hasn’t been used or tried before.

This project is just pictures, mere pictures used to tell a tale, pictures used to pass moral knowledge concerning life, it’s hardships and the need for change especially when you feel a particular technique isn’t working out.

The tale alone covers the need for love, education, moral advice and knowledge from elders, companionship and also the need for man to make changes, especially in his community, work place, education and business, change is hard, but most times it’s needed.

So with this project, which is my very first in the industry, I’m trying to create a uniqueness, a particular standard. A new concept to modeling and photography, trying to create something that’s not regular or rampant. And that new concept consists of pictures which tries to tell tales, series of pictures which passes messages to its audience, telling them what tale it’s passing to them. These pictures can also be used as slide shows, and they can still pass the messages to the audience.

The concept of this project titled “Alexanders cross ” talks about the life of man, it also talks about life itself in general, the pains we go through in life, what makes us stronger, it talks about the need to also make changes when we feel that our current position or platform is a really fragile one, when you feel this particular position you’re in is filled with failures, then you make a change.

This project was specifically directed at the youths, and it covers certain areas, business wise, academic wise, relationship wise. Whatever position your in which you feel isn’t healthy for you or helping you grow, MAKE A CHANGE, that change is usually hard to go through, but most times it’s for the best, it’s what makes you stronger.

Alexanders cross covers the pains and agonies accompanied by life itself onto man. Life never favors man, man has to find a way to pave through life and it’s obstacles.

Scene of the project revolves around the life of a man and his mother, the love and bond that revolves around a mother and her child, the corrections and advices kids get from good parents, good family backgrounds

My deepest and sincere appreciation goes to God and my dedicated crew members, the creative minds I works with who were able to make this project a success. Thanks for the great work.

Written by: @_king_xerxes (OKOYE ARINZE ALEXANDER)

*Main Characters*


(Okoye Arinze Alexander)


(Queen Adeola)


Oshoma Rejoice

Pictorial analysis by

Ayodele Olasanmi


Ayotomide Seun


Photographed by



Dolapo Ogunmoyero


Motunrayo Ibukun


Adeola Gbadebo


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