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Aliya, Aladinma and the significance of Pastor Adeboye’s visit to Jesus Evangelical Power Mission, Miracle Center, Mgbuoba Port Harcourt


Aliya is a word that refers to the gathering of the Jews and I first learnt about it reading the book; Israel, a History by Anita Shapira. A gathering of people is what I have seen my new book Aladinma do in recent weeks; at least a gathering of friends that connect with my little literary experiments. That is exactly what happened in recent weeks as my university classmates have supported my personal marking of Aladinma. But nothing prepared us for the wonderful time we had in the presence of God on 27th July, a beautiful day God blessed for his children.

It started with the invitation from Apostle Blessing Banigo the Gods General shepherding Jesus Evangelical Power Mission, Miracle Center. Apostle was in the same Petroleum Engineering class and we enjoy the privilege of having him in the group chat. The invitation said Pastor Adeboye will be in attendance. To be honest while I believed he would come, I did not match that belief with faith because I did not have a fully charged phone to that event. And the day before, Apostle told us that Pastor Adeboye was already in town. I still took that in faith. And like my friend would say; He that will come, will come! And behold Pastor Adeboye was in that Auditorium by the time my friend and I stepped in. This would mark the second time I have been in such a private privileged meeting. The first time was in D line PortHarocurt couple of years back when a friend invited me to a church meeting that did not have up to a hundred persons in attendance. And I witnessed the ministration of this wonderful artist whom I later learnt was called Samsong. That was how I knew the man Samsong and the fact he was a lovely and well known artist. And that was the exact words that came out of the host’s mouth; He that will come, will come. And that was how I saw Pastor Adeboye’s attendance to the meeting.

Like the doubts I had about his actually coming to the meeting, Adeboye confirmed what transpired as part of his ministration. I had thought that if Adeboye was in town, the radios and TV’s would have carried it, but I still believed that nothing is impossible for God. True even in my unbelief, God took me to that meeting because I had faith, even if it was little. Pastor Adeboye confirmed that when the invitation was sent to him, he responded that he would send a video recording for the ministration. Few days to the event, his assistant mentioned to him about the promised recording, he responded that there would be no recording anymore! That God wanted him to minister in person! And that was how he found himself in that Auditorium. For me it was a very special day enjoying that room without the usual rush and bustling that attends to Pastor Adeboye’s meetings in Stadiums or big auditoriums with wider publication of such visits.

During Adeboye’s ministration he mentioned how he asked God for fifty pounds while in London. A short time afterwards, someone called and was so excited he was talking to Adeboye that he followed the call with a visit and while leaving gave him fifty pounds! Before he could say Jack Robinson, some other folks called and gave him another fifty pounds, another, and another, that he shouted, that if he knew he would have asked for five thousand pounds. He concluded anyway that the fifty met his need but the point was that we should not limit God when asking! On another testimony he recalled coming back from the US and when told by his children that there had been no rain for a long time, he told them ok, there will be rain and shortly after there was rain. When they asked him what he did different since they had been praying like him, he asked them whether they disobeyed their mum. They grumbled and confessed that they had not done one or two things and Adeboye, pointed to them that it might have been the reason their prayers did not go above the ceiling. Obedience was the key in that testimony.

Then enter Apostle Blessing’s testimony of how the wife almost died in 2017. He had just ministered in destroying shrines in Bayelsa and somewhere else only for demonic attack to befall the wife. She had loss of hair and pores all over her body. The doctors declared kidney failure. She was flown to the US, then Germany and France without positive news. Finally they were directed to India and on the way there was crisis mid-air and the flight was diverted to Dubai as the woman had almost passed out. Apostle told them that she would come back when they torched down and just like he prophesied as the flight touched down the woman sneezed. Before then the Dubai airport had been cleared for the emergency landing with all the protocols and ambulances waiting. Meanwhile before that trip Blessing confessed he had one day gone to the altar of the church and laid down there flat as he prayed asking God to intervene in the case of his wife. He reminded God that he had not misused his calling! That he had not misused the riches that had come to the church! That he had not abused the relationship with his wife before marriage. God assured him that she will live. To the Glory of God as they got to India, the doctors did their thing and behold, there was no kidney transplant! He was actually willing to donate one of his own kidney that the wife may live. When he told the doctors he needed to return to Nigeria and come back later to take his wife since he had a people to pastor, they told him that wouldn’t be necessary, that he was going to return to Nigeria with his wife and that was exactly what happened. The fact that a few years after these incidents, we found ourselves in that Auditorium celebrating the bouncing babies (twins) God had blessed them with confirms HE is the King of kings and can do unthinkable things!

And that was how I tapped into that same anointing in that room, praying fervently for my new book Aladinma to make it as a best seller; not someday, but very soon! And trust me it will happen sooner than I can imagine!

After Adeboye was the treatment to the wonderful lyrics of Chioma Jesus, then Paul Nwokoacha before Reverend Uma Ukpai graced the stage to pour out even more Blessing for the children of God. Boy! You needed to be in that room to witness yourself!


Good news; Aladinma my first self published work got released 23rd July. Find it on Amazon, Barnesandnobles and other webstores. If you are in Nigeria You can also contact me via email or phone to order a copy on your behalf and have it Autographed.


Obidike Peter wrote from www.peterobidike.com and p_obidike@yahoo.com

Sunday 27th September 2020


Praise for Aladinma by my very busy friend Godian Ndukauba



Dr Piro! I’m so excited to let everyone know that Aladinna is one of the most interesting book judging by the few chapters I’ve read.

Naturally I’m a slow reader unless it’s work related or a book that will bring in money, however I’ve already done five chapters in just 24hrs even with my tight work schedule.

No doubt I will soon place a couple of orders for close friends and relatives.

I’m awed on how you were able to put this together considering your petroleum engineering background.

Congrats bro and looking forward to more publications from you in the near future.


Praise for Aladinma by Nonso Agharanya 1


I read Chapter2 (Ginika goes to school) aloud with me children. They did not allow me drop it until the last full stop.


They want to know what happened to Ugo and Ebi the lagos boys who came back to Owerri to have their primary education just to imbibe Igbo cultural values?

In fact my son after the story begged me to send him to Adventist Technical School Owerrenta.

And am considering that.


Praise for Aladinma by NonsoAgharanya 2



I de do like *Ginika*.

@ Chapter 2 of *Aladinma*

That Odaginma son is something else.

Am enjoying the piece

*Aladinmana sure bet*

Peter well done for that master piece of a book.

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