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All Thanks To God For Making It This Far

By Aisha Edwards

This release is long overdue. Let me begin with a sincere apology to everyone who I did not notify about my traditional marriage. It was not my intention to have a low key traditional marriage, but the decision was for a good cause.

As I do not wish to burden my family with my ‘public figure status’ and considering that I am from a royal family and the solemnity of the exercise requires the core members of both families, my family counseled that the main event where we can invite as much people as we can would be on the wedding day.

I only crave the indulgence of my well wishers, loved ones, loyalists, benefactors etc, to bear with me, it is not as if I wanted to keep it a secret, but due to reasons already pointed out, and some more personal reasons, a certain level of discretion was expected of me and I really had to.

That being said, I wish to, first of all, thank the APLSCD for their continuous support, prayers and good wishes. They have always prayed for, and envisaged the day I’ll get married, and have been with me till the dream became reality.

This marriage of mine is an encouragement to those ones, who society has brainwashed into believing that they cannot get married, raise kids or start a beautiful family.

This gives them a hope, refuting the stereotype and false beliefs. I had to take this bold step to encourage them.

Also to my husband, you are one of the few good men on the face of the earth, not because of my position as your wife, but because truly, you epitomise selflessness, love, kindness, the list goes on. In the last one year, you have been there for me.

On my traditional marriage ceremony

Going as far as resigning from your job to take good care of me. Due to the fact that I was hospitalised you resigned, just so you can be by my side both day and night. I openly appreciate you today. I owe you that gratitude.

I can categorically affirm that your presence in my life has improved my health greatly. Usually, the regular occurrence in the last four years or so, is spending Christmas and New Year in the hospital, but last year was an exception, it has been all bliss, characterized by fun, laughter, joy and celebration.

I am really grateful to you. For resigning from your job and not minding the cost is just proof that you are a kind, loving and caring man. Even the way you lend support to me whenever APLSCD loses a member to the cold hands of death. How you make sure we pay condolence visit to the bereaved families.

Sometimes you even get to learn about the demise of a member and inform me accordingly. Providing consolation, giving me strength and encouraging me to be steadfast.

Other well wishers who also provide solace in the time of mourning; Professor Stella Okunna, Senator Victor Umeh, Wife of the Bishop of Anglican Communion Aguata Diocese Mrs Chinyere Ezeofor, that of Mbammili Anglican Diocese, Mrs Julie Okeke and Rev. Fr. Dr. Cosmas Ebebe. I appreciate you all.

I am glad that I have made my mentor, Reverend Father Cosmas proud. He has always wished me well, wished for me to build a home. And I thank God for making me to believe in marriage.

I hitherto thought of marriage as a big distraction from my course, but I’m thankful because what am seeing now is a far cry from what I imagined marriage to be. Above all, thank God for blessing me with a very supportive, caring, loving and understanding husband.

To my daughter, thank you for always remaining studious and best of morals while making good results at all times even with my tight schedules. You have also contributed greatly to what I have become today.

To my mother-in-law who also comes to see me whenever I’m hospitalised, and would take care of me as if I was her only child, I can only say thank you for those rare drops of kindness you shower me with, from time to time.

4th January being my very special day I could have chosen to be flamboyant and make the marriage a public show. But of what use is the flamboyance when you have anemic members to cater for? members who need one help or the other at every point and can lose their lives at any time.

At this point, my wish is, if there is any support towards our wedding, it should go to the sickle cell children. As it is my husband’s wish for anyone who intends to supports this wedding to support the Sickle Cell course as well. Of course, I’d gladly accept personal gifts and treasure them. I am only just stressing the need for support to go to the children because after the wedding, the children will still need to survive.

A gift I’d have really loved is the passage or assenting of Sickle Cell law by the State Government. It will indeed be a dream come through.

I would like to also thank those that have been supporting through prayers, it has not been an easy journey for me, because a lot of people, including people I think highly of, opposed my relationship, unknown to me. Thinking I won’t live long, or be able to have and raise children, that I may die soon and all the other beliefs that they erroneously harbour in their minds. But thanks to my husband who would rather be ostracised than let me down.

To the members of the APLSCD, this is a new dawn. I still pray and work towards achieving a home for us all. A home where you can feel free, be comfortable, have central access to medical care, etc.

A very big thank you to Honourable Aforka, and Beverly Nkemdiche for starting the year for APLSCD on a beautiful note once again. For his visit and medical outreach to us. I cannot thank you enough.

To the Anambra State Ministries of Health and Women Affairs, IDI Ezeani Nzekwuabuo Foundation, Anambra State Community Children Homes, Orphanage Homes, Disabled Homes (RECDOT) etc. You are not left out. Thanks for your support and assistance so far in my course and advocacy.

To HRC Enugu Old Girls Association, thank you for being there to ensure that happiness and joy remains my birthright even as a child that grew up with you girls in the renowned Alma Mater the citadel and fountain of knowledge.

To my great in laws Ndi Amatutu Agulu, especially HE Mr Peter Obi. I really appreciate your support both directly and indirectly. I can only urge you sir to continue with your goodness, benevolence and also play a fatherly role to my husband as well and when necessary.

It is on this note I say “Thank You All” we shall all have an amazing year ahead.

Aisha Edwards
National Coordinator

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