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Ambulances arrive for 2 ultramodern hospitals/ Isolation centers

By Odezugo Chukwunonso

Senator Dr. Patrick Ifeanyi Ubah is set to commission two ultramodern hospitals / Isolation centers with two brand new state of the art ambulances.

You may recall that several stakeholders in Anambra, now known as the Anambra Progressives, had hearkened to the call by their convener, Senator Ifeanyi Ubah at the height of lockdown put in place by the federal Government as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic.

That call was for them to come to the rescue of our people and demystify that prevalent belief and existing status quo deliberately put in place by Politicians in the past 16 years that provision of social amenities for the people is rocket science.

Today, by their collective efforts, two standard hospitals and isolation centres are near completion in less than four months .

They would have been three nearing completion now if not for the delays by the state government and its unnecessary demands on the contractors, as the third hospital is sited in a state government controlled institution, the College of Education, Nsugbe ).

The State of the art medical equipments/machines to be used in the hospitals have also started arriving the country.

Senator Ifeanyi Patrick Ubah
Senator Ifeanyi Patrick Ubah addressing newsmen

The novel thing about these ambulances is that they are a mere phone call away from intervening in a health crisis situation.

They provide on arrival, on the spot initial treatment by medical personnel making use of the facilities inside the ambulance to stabilize patients and then move them safely to the hospitals for the needed intensive care .

This is a well-planned and deliberate move to greatly boost and reinvigorate the health care delivery system in the state in furtherance of the now popular mantra of #GosimKamfunanya.

From the 5th of September, which is the date fixed for the commissioning of the Hospitals and the Ambulances, Ndi Anambra no matter how remote their village may be, will have easy access to quality medical care.

Residents in the diaspora and other parts of the country who require medical intervention for their aged ones in the villages only needs to call the phone numbers to be provided.

The well equipped ambulances will immediately set out to evacuate the ailing person for immediate health intervention and succour.

This wonderful initiative that was conceived and set in motion by Distinguished Senator Ifeanyi Ubah is one innovation that will change the status of healthcare delivery in the state for the better .

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See videos of the brand New Ambulances:

Posted by Odezugo ChukwuNonso on Friday, August 7, 2020

Posted by Odezugo ChukwuNonso on Friday, August 7, 2020

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