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An Open Letter To President Muhammadu Buhari

By Abbati Bako

Dear Sir,

With due respect, it is imperative for me to write to you as your loyalist and supporter since 2002 when you joined politics unexpectedly. The issue of insecurity in the north is alarming and will destroy your political support, popularity, image, integrity and glory.

After your two terms you may need to have a say and control of
(at least) your soft theorem area; that is northern Nigeria, especially northwest.

Your political soft theorem area is on the way to economic oblivion and political harakiri due to insecurity and economic meltdown. The people of the region are becoming furious on the issue of economic aridity and insecurity. The south western region area is your political swings area and the S/South and S/East are your battle ground areas. So, the northern Nigeria deserves your attention as your soft theorem area on any policy.

No politician in any part of the world will neglect his political strong hold. Political game is about give and take and its a game of planning, strategy and negotiations. Over 75 to 80% of the people in northern Nigeria voted for you in 2003, 2007, 2011 and 2015 and 2019 for the fact that you will come up with policies that will help them politically, improve their economic and social interplay boost their lives positively.

This writing said it several times that politics is a game of competing values to protect the people’s lives, religion, culture, tradition, environment and their fundamental human rights and family needs. And again, their interest should always be your priority (A) and their ambition for development must always be given attention as well.

What is going on of insecurity and economic meltdown is worrisome. People are being killed rampantly and indiscriminately and farmers have been prevented to go to their farms in this rainy season which can ultimately lead to food scarcity in the country and more economic problems.

Sir, there is the need to take urgent and decisive action on insecurity in the northeast and northwest. Otherwise, inaction will tamper with your political image and support of your political party APC in the next coming elections of 2023. This writing is appealing to your good office to take action ASAP to solve the problems of insecurity in this resourceful region and the food basket of the nation. This writing suspects the possibility of political colouration on the issue of insecurity; but your government must do whatever is legally possible to solve the issues of economic aridity and insecurity.

Majority of the people in northern Nigeria wish for your success, your failure is a failure of all of us. This writing do hopes that the issue of insecurity in the north will be history in the coming weeks.

Abbati Bako (political strategy and communication consultant, IPRC)

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