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Anambra 2017: APC, And How Not To Kill A Party – By Chuks Collins


When efforts at consolidating the Second Republic failed, a new bizarre political pattern seem to have crept into the fabric of whatever leadership move the South Easterners attempted to make.

This included vying for the presidency, governorship, senate and others. Because once an opportunity presents itself, hundreds of people normally jump into the fray. 

Clearly, some ordinarily presented themselves if only to stop a perceived ‘nobody’. Why?

Some elders had over time cried out to these seeming illustrious sons and daughters, trying albeit in vain to dissuade them from wasting money and time that would have been channeled to better uses on a visible political journey in futility. But to no avail. After all, ‘the money I waste is mine’, they appeared to be saying.

And today, with the ruling All Progressives Congress(APC) emerging in the horizon as the surest hope for any forward-thinking politician in Anambra and elsewhere in the country, no fewer than fourteen so-called aspirants have jumped into the state’s political arena for the Nov 18,2017 gubernatorial election.

Of all this bunch, one can safely see only about four or five, including, Chiefs George Nnadubem Moghalu, Bart Nwibe, Andy Uba, Tony Nwoye and Chike Obidigbo as the surest bet. However, Moghalu and Nwibe having been the longest, loyal, disciplined and consistent members of the party look every inch the likely choice if reason and decency prevails.

Yes, it could be argued and equally reasoned that the party has assured everyone of a level playground, irrespective of when or how one joined the party. Realistically, no one would honestly believe that whereas very capable longstanding members of the party would be amongst the hoard of aspirants that the party would ignore them to choose from these political ‘James Bonds’, ‘Maradonas’ and ‘JJCs’

Every attempt to logically reason it through constantly meets a mental brick wall. Yet these politicians know that APC, according to Nwibe, is a party that “has its way of doing things”.

More so, at a time like now when the party was just getting accepted in this part of the nation’s polity. No one would afford to risk handing over the destiny of the party to one who cannot bait an eyelid to change his membership card from that of APC to any other at the slightest opportunity, especially when he achieves his political aim.

So Chief George Moghalu has been variously described as the most level-headed and detribalized Nigerian politician alive, whose hands and legs had before now reached across all languages, tongues, tribes and states of the federation building bridges of friendship and understanding.

He is according to the records the most detribalized, disciplined, loyal, consistent and reliable founding member of the APC. He was also a founding member of the then All Peoples Party(APP) before it metamorphosed into the All Nigerian People’s Party(ANPP). And he was a national executive member of both the then APP and the ANPP where he held the position of National Secretary. 

When ANPP transformed into APC after merging with the Action Congress of Nigeria(ACN), Congress for Progressive Change (CPC)and others, Chief Moghalu was equally there. He became the new party’s National Auditor. It would be very correct to say that he teamed up with few other like-minds and democrats to keep the light of quality opposition that sustained the nation’s democracy alive.

Moghalu has played key roles in bringing the best out of Nigerian politicians. He participated actively in establishing APC leadership in most states of the federation, hence stands shoulders above all others in the pack currently jostling for the APC nomination ticket in Anambra.

A thoroughbred technocrat who parades an intimidating credential as one of the few indigenes of Anambra who rose to the position of Director, and later a Permanent Secretary in a state other than his. He could be said to have seen it all. Versatile and widely travelled decent and dependable family man. There is no other member of the party among the sixteen aspirants now lined up for the Aug 19,2017 primary that could match his profile.

A member of the APC’s National Executive Committee (NEC) once described Moghalu as a political encyclopedia whose presence at any meeting makes a lot of difference in terms of quality contributions, robust and sound argument. ‘He’s a man of the future today’, he stated.

Before now, Moghalu had had a shot at the governorship seat in 2003, after which he went back to the drawing board ever since, until now. Little wonder he’s not leaving any stone unturned, bringing his God-given personal charisma, friendly disposition and love to all citizens into play.

Sincerely, in an organized clime, APC would have appealed to Moghalu to come and run, because he’s one person who would brush up the name and image of the party so well in the entire South East geopolitical zone that all Nigerian citizens would begin to yearn for a President George Moghalu, at the centre.

At the 2017 Mothers’ Day, he was at all the key dioceses and parishes of all church denominations in the state, including the Catholics, the Anglicans and the Pentecostals. Though born and wedded Catholic who doesn’t discriminate, he had sang and danced with the mothers and all present, to the glory of God. 

His outpouring of emotions which he tries always to conceal has stood him out as a mortal being after all. But, even that is usually a delight to behold, because his meticulous and unassuming nature makes him be on his toes round the clock. Little wonder he oozes excellence and basks in glory of sincerity.

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