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Anambra 2021: Eyes are on Chris Azubogu

By Onyedikachukwu Anambra


As Anambra Gubernatorial Election approaches fast , different parties and interests are already busy shopping for who succeeds the sitting Governor – Chief Willie Mmaduaburochukwu Obiano.

There’s this street consensus that Gov. Obiano did great governing Anambra from the reverse point of progress and his tenure did nice in earning a throne in the hall of shame through amazing records of disappointments and mal-administration. So in the quest for a successor, the focus has been on who would best save the state from the downward spiral Chief Willie Obiano has set it on.

It is noteworthy, that the past administration that preceded the unfortunate administration we’re currently battling with in the state set a very high standard of governance through the records of achievement and solid legacies left in the state. The expectations were that Chief Willie would take the standard higher, but the much he did was to take higher the standard of propaganda and deceits coming from Agu Awka (According to strong rumors, he also took higher the standard of alcohol he consumes and merriment in government house). Apart from in the lives of the Obiano’s appointees and propaganda mercenaries, we could not see the impact of all the resources he met on ground. It’s really been something beyond worrisome.

To avoid a repeat of “Obiano” – by this I mean failure – there has been a serious assessment of all the candidates showing interest. The whole residents and natives of the state have earnestly been looking into the profile and track records of all the interested candidates. This is one costly mistake that was made with Obiano – nobody tried checking into his record when he was imported from USA to contest. There’s no way it wouldn’t have been discovered that Chief Obiano is not good enough to be a warrant chief, let alone, overseeing the affairs of a state.

As a citizen desirous of seeing my state back on track, I have actually taken as much time as necessary to assess all the candidates across opposition , from APC to PDP, the only aspirant who could match and surpass Mr Peter Obi’s accomplishments across all sectors is Hon. Chris Azubogu. And I say this with a confidence predicated on facts and verifiable records.

A peep into Hon. Chris Azubogu’s profile has it that he is an Engineer cum IT expert by qualification, graduated from University of Nigeria, Nsuka. Hon. Azubogu’s key selling point has so far been his track record in the National Assembly.

Beyond the business of law making, Hon. Azubogu has made the masses feel his impact through the enormous projects he had attracted and still attracts, which resulted in having him nicknamed ‘Mr project’ by his constituents and people of Anambra. With no attempt at exaggeration, it is a common belief by most Ndi Anambra that as a legislator, Hon. Azubogu has more infrastructural projects to his credit than the sitting governor. This goes to show his enthusiasm for development of the state is second to none.

By verifiable records, he has supported a lot of SMES and startups, he is the brain behind nnewi automobile park , he has also made impact in health, his Medical outreach has recorded more than 900 surgeries over the state.

In the area of education, he has also attracted infrastructures and study materials for schools across the state. And many libraries and laboratories are standing strong in some parts Anambra today are as a result of Hon. Azubogu’s intervention.

I can not possibly exhaust all the positives about Hon. Chris Azubogu but one thing is clear – He is a man of vision.

As we work towards freeing Anambra from the shackles of ‘Obiano,’ it might seem arrogant not to acknowledge that all other candidates are nice in their own right. But with the enormity of challenge on ground and nature of politics in Anambra, I believe Hon. Chris Azubogu with his wealth of experience and track record, is best bet for Ndi Anambra at this point. Every fact points to it that he perfectly understands the peculiarities of the state and silent yearnings of her people. He is more than capable in meeting up to expectations.

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