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Anambra 2021: Our aspirants on course, not deterred by security issues —APC

Our attention is drawn to a speculative report, without any solid fact, attributed to no one in particular but claiming that Anambra State Governorship aspirants under the platform of APC have developed ‘cold feet’ for what it termed ‘insecurity issues ‘.

This falsehood is being spread in the Internet by opposing interests to APC.

The proper ideal would have been to ignore the spurious report for which no one is taking responsibility.

However, in this era of pervasive fake news and misleading reports, it is necessary to assure our teeming supporters that the story is false and misleading in all material particulars.

APC governorship aspirants, outside those who have obtained their Expression of Interest and Nomination forms are well within the bracket of time, as the period allowed is yet very far.

Characteristically, our party will not take dictation from rival political parties, masquerading as media persons without regard to required code of ethics.

We are in touch with all our aspirants in our chapter, and none has been confronted on this issue for a reaction, neither has the party.

We therefore urge our aspirants to ignore such opposition Salvo and stay on track within the ground rules, ignoring all extraneous pressure.

No politics can successfully be played with the issue of security, especially by those instigating it.

We call on all operators in the formal and informal media to be guided by the responsibility to stand on facts, which are sacred in matters of public information.

There is no going back on the determination of APC to form, in March 2022, a viable government that will run with elected LG officials and return Anambra State to glory.


Okelo Madukaife
State Publicity Secretary

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