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Anambra APC faults Obi and Obiano over N75bn altercation


Photo: Peter-Obi and Chief Willie Obiano at an APGA campaign rally in 2013

The Anambra State chapter of the All Progressives Congress [APC] has faulted the recent altercation brewing between former governor of the state, Mr. Peter Obi and the incumbent, Willie Obiano.

This was contained in a statement signed by the State Publicity Secretary, Okelo Madukaife titled “Obi Vs Obiano: N75bn altercation arises from booty–sharing disagreements – APC”.

According to Mr. Madukaife, the altercation arose from booty–sharing disagreements between the duo, whom he described as godfather/godson.

He further reasoned that “the on-going altercation is an exchange between two beneficiaries of the biggest electoral fraud that Anambra State has witnessed -2013 Gubernatorial Elections.”

He, therefore,  seize the opportunity to fore-warn those who harbour plans to install godsons in Anambra State to perish the thought because it has never worked in Anambra since July 2003.

Below are the details of the statement:


The on-going altercation between  supporters of ex-governor Peter Obi and the aides of Gov Willie Obiano all of Anambra State is an exchange between  two beneficiaries of the biggest electoral fraud that Anambra State has witnessed -2013 Gubernatorial Elections.

It is also a friction-filled sharing of Anambra State booty between Osa and Uze, both of which do not own the proverbial palm fruits.

It is unfortunate that the gladiators on either side have placed decoy issues in front of Anambra State, Nigeria and the world, while leaving the crux of the matter unmentioned-sharing formula for Anambra State resources.

At the heart of the issue is Obi’s demand for the wages of his labour reportedly running into above N8billion, funded with Anambra share of Ecological Fund, in rigging in Obiano into office to cover him up and Obiano’s refusal to play ball, while spending without control on himself, and his government of profligacy?

However in the context of the issues placed before our long-suffering state-the funds handed over by Obi- two facts have been established:

First Obi lied about leaving N75 billion, even by the admission of Obi’s own camp. Whatever the money handed over was, as long as it is less than the amount stated to the public, is a grand deceit arising from moral bankruptcy, which can only be assuaged by an unreserved apology tendered to Anambra populace by Mr. Peter in person.

The second fact that has been proven is that Obiano even though he did not inherit M75bn had enough money to have done what Anambra state can see since assuming office in March 2014 and yet has failed to do so. 

Rather, the government has blown up the available resources  on frivolities of  street décor, horses, jumbo birthday parties with billboards in Abuja among any locations outside the state and has gone into debt, the latest being N10 billion, passed by a wayward House of Assembly without details, projects or debate.

It is this, and the element of collusion involved that explains why Obiano will run the state for two years before waking up from slumber to inform his state in retrospect about funds inherited, even when APC called for the update two weeks into the life of this confused government that has jettisoned its electoral promises to gamble with knee-jerk experiments..

In the circumstance, Anambra State citizens should be happy with this God- sent opportunity to know the real intentions behind manipulating the 2013 to rig in a ‘school father’ in Christ the King College Onitsha, in order to blow up the resources of Anambra State and secure a ready-made collusion to convert  valuable assets of the state into private ownership.

Our state should also see the hand of God in the golden opportunity to stop the on-going hemorrhage in the Government House Awka and move to get a House of Assembly, as they do not have now. In this wise, we urge state constituencies in the State to question their representatives on the motivation for colluding in the looting of the economy.

Anambra now understands that .as the APC said  before during .after the elections and till now, that the issue is not installing a candidate from Anambra North zone, as the state has never adopted zoning as a policy, but that of fueling personal greed on either side, in disguise.

Anambra citizens are therefore left with no their option, but to sow interest in every detail of what is going on in government ahead of voting out the two fraudulent tendencies, represented by the warring merchants and emplacing an APC government that will rescue the state from the  threshold of an unviable state.

We seize this opportunity to fore-warn those who harbour plans to rule Anambra State in proxy by manipulating elections to install godsons to perish the thought because it has never worked in Republican Anambra as the current failed experiment illustrates yet again. It has never worked since July 2003.

Rather such funds should be invested in campaigning for real votes.

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