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Anambra APGA Chairman Nobert Obi Tears Peter Obi to Shreds

It is Unfortunate that even Sir Norbert Obi the factional State Chairman of APGA has joined those who dance the pacification dance to please Governor Willie Obiano, though the saying which provides that birds of same feather flocks together, may have played a dominant role in this newly found love .

The Governor, who has been a good will recipient from Peter Obi from the days he worked at Fidelity Bank and for want of good services and recklessness on duty, was recommended to be sacked by the board but Okwute thought it was just a conspiracy against him and refused to sign the sack.

It happened thrice. 

He also brought him back from Houston after he was retired from Fidelity, that was after the original retirement and he begged with a bended knee that he should be given two more years, so that he can be able to sustain self after retirement, which was granted to him by same Peter Obi.

It was rumoured that, while working at Fidelity Bank, every Friday he threw a lavishing party at his Gbagada house; that must be why he was broke and begged for extension which was granted.

When Obi brought him back and single-handedly made him the governor against all odd, he showed or brought meaning to the exact meaning of the word: INGRATE!

Moving on to Sir Nobert ..

On Sunday 9/3/17, Sir Norbert Obi the Anambra state Fractional APGA Chairman assembled what he called Ekwusigo Stakeholders meeting in his residence at Ozubulu.

This man, who saw political light in his life by the magnanimity of HE Mr. Peter Obi by his appointment as Chairman of PPSC, instead of addressing ndi Ekwusigo, went on castigating the same Peter Obi.

Peter Obi committed crime by retaining him as SSA on Secondary Education when his tenure as PPSC finished.

Sir Norbert Obi told ndi APGA Ekwusigo LGA amongst other nonsense that HE Mr. Peter Obi owns IDC Construction Company and that is why Peter Obi awarded major contracts to the company.

He called Peter Obi a born criminal who does not want anybody’s progress.

Sir Norbert Obi compared salary paid to him under Peter Obi and that under Willie Obiano and concluded by calling Mr. Peter Obi a sadist.

He recounted how Mr. Peter Obi failed to help him when his mother & younger brother Mike died and ended saying that God will surely punish HE Mr. Peter Obi & family including all still following Peter Obi.

It is not surprising getting this sort of insult & bad blood from people like Sir Norbert Obi, but the greatest thing was that one of the greatest beneficiaries of Peter Obi’s government in all facets was their Ichie Col. Engr. Emma. Udeaja (rtd) with his young brother Chief Martin Udeaja and they could neither refute nor call Sir Norbert Obi to order. 

Others present included but not limited to Chief Eze  Mentus Mbonu, Agbalanze Jude Mbaeghu (Lachas), Mrs. Violet Onyejegbu, Mr. Onyeka Mbaso, Hon. Odina, Bar. Enendu, Dr. Jude Mgbemena, Mr. Kastina Ajelenje Uzo, of course Sir Jude Emecheta, amongst others.

All these people know the truth about projects in Anambra under Mr. Peter Obi but for peanut from Willie Obiano they went tongue-tied. What a shame!

They also know that Ekwusigo in general and Ozubulu in particular was at the center and at same time got their fair share of which their own Son Engr. Dr. Patrick Nky Obi (Nnadebeaku), former Commissioner for Housing, can attest to.


1. How will insulting Peter Obi help Sir Norbert Obi, the Udeajas and others to deliver the Governor in his second tenure bid?

2. How will insulting Peter Obi help in completing projects in Ozubulu started by the Obi administration?

3. Was it Peter Obi that lured Ozubulu into dismantling existing political zoning formula in Ekwusigo LGA?

4. Will insulting Peter Obi attract new projects in Ozubulu in particular & Ekwusigo in general or is not very clear to Sir Norbert Obi & the Udeajas and their cohorts that NOTHING new has entered Ekwusigo LGA since this administration.

Ndi Ekwusigo, it is high time the back bitters & ingrates like Sir Norbert Obi & his brothers stopped deceiving you.

An Igbo adage says “Ochezolu ochie, ofuo agaghi akpo ya ihu” [He who quickly forgets the past will not see good in the future].

You people being at the center delivering the governor in the forthcoming election by having Sir Jude Emecheta – Chairman Obiano Support Group, Sir Norbert Obi – APGA State factional Chairman, Dr. Jap Okolo ASATU PG, instead of using this chance to attract projects to your LGA, you resort to insulting somebody that has nothing to lose whether HE Willie Obiano wins or loses the election.

Sir Norbert Obi, know you that whoever bites the finger that ever fed him, surely has to pay for it.

What I am saying is that once you start playing the Surugede dance, then great dancers like Oderaigbo that love to play the flutes of the gods shall enter the stage to summon the diviners as special guest .

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