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Anambra Commissioner escapes death as naval officers fire shots at his car


The Anambra State commissioner for lands, Mr. Bonaventure Enemali escaped death on Sunday,  August 15, after he was shot at by naval officers stationed at Awkuzu junction along Onitsha Enugu Express Way.

Our correspondent, Mr. Odumodu Gbulagu disclosed this to ElombahNews while sending pictures of the attack.

Mr. Odumodu noted that the naval officers fired at the commissioner despite the fact that he was bearing an official Anambra State plate number.

Our correspondent recalled how naval officers shot at and later abducted the Nebolisa brothers from hospital.

He said that the Nebolisa brothers were shot while their cousin, Chukwuma Adazu was murdered in cold blood by trigger happy navy personnel at the said Awkuzu junction on August 9.

Directing his anger to the governor of Anambra State, Mr. Willie Obiano, he asked:

“Is Anambra not the safest state in Nigeria anymore?

“Remember that Gov. Obiano takes home 1.5 billion naira as security vote every month, yet he could not prevail on the Navy hierarchy to fish out the killers of Chukwuma Adazu and the Nigeria Police for the kidnappers of Nebolisa brothers.

“Since Anambra state government didn’t deem it fit to live up to its primary responsibility of protecting the lives and properties of ordinary Ndi Anambra, let us see what Gov. Obiano would do now that it has gotten to his kitchen cabinet.

“The truth is that nobody is safe in Anambra state as it stands now.”

Meanwhile, in a previous memo titled “Justice for the Nebolisas“, Odumodu Gbulagu wrote:

“Now that the Nebolisa brothers who were kidnapped from the hospital gestapo style by the Nigeria Police Force on Wednesday night are out from police detention, what’s next?

Many questions are begging for sincere answers. Why were they shot at in the first place?

Why did the police kidnap them from the hospital, including one who had a surgery that was barely 24 hours?

Won’t there be justice for the family whose son was killed for nothing? Which crime did they commit?

These guys were tortured in the most brutal way one can ever imagine. They were beaten with rods and even hung like sacks of potatoe on walls.

The reason the Nigeria Police Force gave for kidnapping the brothers was that there was an attack earlier that day, and that they wanted to test their blood to see if it matches with that of those attackers.

The further questions now are, must they be kidnapped before their blood would be tested?

Since they were in the hospital, why wouldn’t the police authorities demand for their blood samples from the doctor for whatever thing they want to do?

Since they obtained police report before going to the hospital, what’s the need of abducting them again in that manner and in the night?

A lot of things are still not adding up, as the reasons the police gave for the abduction doesn’t hold water.

If not for the uproar on social media, these guys would have been killed after they must have been paraded as Unknown gunmen.

There have been countless cases where innocent people were paraded as criminals, and many of them didn’t survive it.

What if these guys were not on social media? What if they are not known? What if one of them didn’t hide?

It’s heartbreaking to see Boko Haram members pampered, and innocent easterners tortured and killed by the same security forces.

Releasing them is not enough, we demand for justice for them!


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