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Anambra: from a debt free state to a state with heavy debt burden

From Debt Free State in May 2014, to a State with heavy Debt Burden in 2016: Anambra State under Gov Obiano in perspective.


As Galaxy Tv Lagos yesterday showed my video on Anambra Loan utilization question in its 7:30 and 10pm news, today again, I got a call that Corenews Tv will show the video by 7pm and 10pm .

As I thank Galaxy Tv and Corenews Tv for their manifest concern on our attempt to open up conversation on Anambra State debt, I have this to say to young men and women out there :

I must appreciate all the agents of good governance across our Nation and beyond especially those that see further than now .

Those that have foresighted beyond today opportunism that has already endangered our future development ,I salute you !

obiano being sworn in

Those young men and women that use their hard earned money to increment their data bundle in order to add voice to the on going conversation towards re-kindling our development and saving our future ,May God bless you all.

To the media that even without collecting kobo have seen reason to air our views , God bless you…

Good enough , history always remembers men and women that stand tall to push the voice of hope at any given time .

Today in Anambra State , a call for voice of hope by young men and women is reverberating, which is anchored on one word ‘CORRECTION2017’ and I have one thing to tell you : 

You are redirecting a generation even when you do not know this ,God bless you! History will never forget you individually!

I even watched Senator Ben Murray-Bruce say tales of fallacy about the loan which made the Bayelsa born senator Commit Opinion Blunder when he referred to Anambra State under Obiano as a state that has not borrowed even when the first loan has been borrowed and spent secretly and the second still one ongoing.

Instead of Obiano led Govt telling Ben Murray-Bruce the truth on our loan ,they went celebrating his uniformed comment .

But we owe posterity our truth based advocate!

On a note of finality, history of Anambra State will not complete without mentioning your names .

Let’s go redirect this ship to avoid its wreck!

Your voice ,can redirect this ship .

Ikechukwu Emeka Onyia©2016


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