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Anambra Governor’s Cabal and the governor’s no-nonsense wife

Anambra in the throes of mismanagement series - Part 3


Cabal, away with governance and Financial discipline:

Sitting pretty comfortably at the top of the pyramid of this cabal is Ebele, the governor’s no-nonsense wife. She’s followed closely by two lieutenants -Chinedu Obidigwe and Primus Odili, the incumbent Chief of Staff to the governor. He is also the foot soldier and errand boy to the cabal. He had always been the personal assistant to the Obianos while they were in Houston, United States of America(USA). He was succinctly described as a cold hearted fellow who brooks no nonsense whatsoever. In addition, his deceptive looks belies his ever chilling mindset and nature. His goal is always his target! Money. And more money!

We have already reported how “Madam Governor”, dethroned Chief Tony Oli, former Senior Special Assistant (Finance) and Secretary, State Joint Accounts Committee(JAC) which manages the Local Government Funds with the State Government, as a power broker in the state.

You also have Rev Fr Manafa. The name remains very popular in the scheme of things in the administration of Anambra state today. Virtually all his brothers and sisters, extended relations who asked, have been settled with plum positions in the Obiano administration. He was said to be actually the go-between for the administration and the Catholic authorities who have pocketed the state affairs.

Then down the line was Chief Tony Oli who is now displaced into near irrelevance in the scheme things.The members of this cabal are also the administrators, distributors and supervisors of all contracts in the state. They fix and upgrades whatever price that suits them at any point in time. They also handle the fueling of the thousands of generating sets and the maintenance of the street-lighting project in the 326 electoral wards of the state. Our investigations revealed that they make about two hundred thousand Naira from each of the hundreds of thousands of generators round the state, monthly. This was outside the profit of those third parties who they engaged to be running them on their behalf. It was such that whether the generators were being used , whether the street light was serving or not, they must get their money paid into the accounts monthly. Any delay in payment for a day or two results in automatic yanking away of the business to another goon who were falling on top of each other for a bite of the juicy apple. The pseudo names and account numbers they use as this conduit pipes are known.

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It needs be highlighted here that the financial malfeasance was not limited to any sector. This same cabal continues awarding housing estate development contracts to people all over the state. The gullible investors part with huge sums to get it. But sadly whenever they stop paying, the contract will be yanked off and handed to another would-be mugu waiting and pressurizing for so long. Examples abound. And the hapless investors often run to court thinking they respect rule of law. No. They have a registered chartered Surveyor, line Commissioners, Surveyor General of the state, Director General Project Monitoring Unit of the state, the Chief of Staff and the ANSIPPA as participants. Next Agro Transformation Ltd, an Onitsha-based company with its office at the Stock Exchange building, GRA Onitsha is a bitter victim. The world acclaimed Anambra State International Market, Oba is another victim. The cabal’s buccaneering style is weighing down on a lot of developmental projects all over the state.

The International Market project predates this administration, but thanks to the governor who has taken a very bold step to pay all the necessary compensation to the community to enable the project go on unhindered. Unfortunately he didn’t know that his henchmen are not on the same wave-lenght with him on the project. The developers of the market project have been fighting corporate wars from multiple dimensions to stave away detractors and this has slowed down the progress. Incidentally most of these detractors were sponsored by highly placed officials of the state including commissioners, and members of the cabal.

The administration has signed nearly fifty MoUs and paid out huge sums as counterpart funding with nothing to show.
For example, they brought in a man who every citizen know was not financially strong, as the arrowhead of the investing company. They signed an MoU worth about $30million for him. The state government was to contribute 20 percent of the amount. But any nonentity knows that with six million dollars(about N2.2billion) they would effectively execute the whole contract and smile to the bank with more than 24 million dollars of the citizens’ hard-earned cash. It’s same with many other such frivolous MoUs.

What about the Anambra International Airport city project at Umueri, Anambra East Council-Obiano’s home council area which was flagged off on April 11,2017 to be completed, according to the governor in 2020. Today, it’s just exactly six months to the full three years period it was scheduled for completion and operational use. It is sad to say that contrary to all expectations of having it as his signature project on leaving office, nothing appear to be happening at the site. One may also need to do a background checks on the characters behind the Chinese company and their Nigerian partners. It unveiled from the ridiculous to the mundane.

Administration of clandestine oath of secrecy:

Rev Fr Manafa alongside Odigwe are alleged to be in-charge of oath taking by key appointees of the administration who occupy areas the cabal considers as strategic, especially the contracts and finance channels. While Manafa reportedly leads any oath taker who opted for the Bible, Obidigwe allegedly leads those who chose to go the native way. Anyone who was not willing to swear to any of the two options were said to be given the option of being reassigned to other less touchy office.

To be continued…

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