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Anambra is finally gone under Obiano!

By Odumodu Gbulagu


When I knew we were in for trouble in Anambra State was when Obiano approved 5 billion Naira during EXCO meeting in 2014 for the celebration of his first 100 days in office.

When I realized the man was out to wreck the state was the moment he sacked Chief Barr. Joe-Martins Uzodike for telling him that the money was scandalous.

What is happening today? Savings of 75 Billion Naira gone, contractors owed, close to 200 billion debt is now hanging on Anambra’s neck.

After squandering Anambra’s money, he is now killing the people of the state with all manner of taxation. Private schools recently went on strike because of tax and his response was to close 12 of them that were reported to have spear-headed the strike.

Nsogbu di kwa na Katanga

Meanwhile, we are still waiting for the list of over 1000 kms of roads Gov. Obiano claimed he did in Anambra State.


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