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Anambra Is In Ruins: Patching Potholes On Tarred Roads With Concrete

By Odumodu Gbulagu


Marketing President Muhammadu Buhari and Governor Willie Obiano of Anambra State are the hardest job in the present day Nigeria.

Marketing them can make a professor sound like a toddler in a crèche.

The screenshot attached is where the Chief Press Secretary to Governor Willie Obiano and head of his e-rats James Eze is trying to explain to a concerned Citizen why cement is used to patch potholes on tarred roads, instead of Obiano’s automatic patching machine:

I ask:

  • How can a sane person say that the automatic patching machines does not work in rainy season, and that cement is better in rainy season?
  • Does it take rocket science to know that coal tar doesn’t take up to 20 minutes to set, and that cement takes at least 12 hours to set?

It doesn’t even require engineering experience, but common sense to know that coal tar is 100% safer and better than cement during the rains.

The patching machines have blower that is used to get rid of dust from the potholes, and after that MC1 and coal tar are applied, and the surface rolled.

Patching potholes on tarred roads with concrete

Like I have always said, no one can successfully defend Obiano without looking stupid and sounding ridiculous.

Willie employs people like him who act before they think, and they have proved to be one of his greatest undoing.

Where are Obiano’s automatic patching equipments?

It seems like one of the Governor’s signature scams!

Anambra is in ruins!


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