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Anambra is in ruins! Residents lack portable water while First Lady gives charity in USA

By Odumodu Gbulagu

This picture is that of a place in Anambra West local government.

It depicts everything wrong with Anambra’s First lady charity visit to the USA.

Our people do not have even portable water to drink, but Osodietipia who has been Christened Onyiridiya by Obiano’s commissioner decided to go to the First world to give them charity, while leaving out the 3rd world who actually are in dare need of charity.

To her, charity begins abroad and not at home, even when their government was preaching “Akulueuno”.

It’s an insult to our collective sensibilities for the Governor’s wife and deputy chief Press Secretary to tell Ndi Anambra that Osodietipia had been feeding the homeless in the US since time immemorial and that they didn’t do so with our common patrimony.

Can we have a picture of any of their charity visits before now?

Let them know that we have data of 200 million naira security vote she receives every month, and that we have the list of all the companies she uses to execute contracts and to fleece Anambra taxpayers, which will be made public in due time.

The heartbreaking part of the whole mess is that Governor Willie Obiano endorsed Osodietipia’s charity visit with a Facebook post where he uploaded the pictures and eulogized her for her kindheartedness.

They are still in the US frolicking, while our people are in penury.

Anambra is in ruins!

Compare the photos above and below:

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