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Anambra Is In Ruins! The Unbridled Extortion By Obiano Admin

By Odumodu Gbulagu


When you look at the level of extortion that goes on in Anambra, and the kind of levies imposed on the people by the Governor Willie Obiano’s administration, you wonder why our internally Generated Revenue is not increasing but dwindling.

A look at the quarter one of the IGR ranking by states shows that Anambra is struggling with the likes of Ebonyi, Ekiti, Katsina and the rest who are known to have next to nothing where they generate revenue internally.

Where are all the taxes and levies from our markets, parks and roads going into?

Major chunk of it goes directly into the pocket of Osodietipia who is actually the Iyaloja General of Anambra state. She installed her brother as ASMATA chairman, and has direct control of the coffers of the whole markets in Anambra.

Obiano and his wife have continued to fleece Anambra state, and they are not planning to stop anytime soon.

We deal with hard facts and verifiable evidences.

To the e-rats led by James Eze that only hurl insults at us, why not counter our claims with superior arguments and evidences?

The pictures attached are that of some daily tickets in Anambra, and the report of Quarter one of revenue ranking by states.

Anambra is in ruins!

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