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Anambra keeps groaning under Gov Willie Obiano


It is no longer gainsaying that the reason Governor Obiano gave the initial 60 million naira and later added another 25 million naira to Orient For Democracy was to plot, calculate and execute a solid character assassination against the Oracle on phase 1 basis.

Orient For Democracy is an Aguleri group founded to carry out the sworn act of “Finishing Obi And His Family”.

After all former Governor Obi did not set a great governance pace for his predecessor to match.

He simply build a tower that will take only somebody like Oseloka Obaze to climb close to it ,hence the incumbent did not even attempt to Pursue it , because he consider it an impossible task ,then he must tarnish him , that way he can part self at the back and say “I Finished Him” . 

The First Mistake from Obi was to leave behind a grounded economy, best road network and over 75 billion Naira and thereby making Gov Obiano to behave like son of a billionaire [sons of billionaires seldom add anything to the wealth, instead they try all they can to see if they will finish the money left behind on careless and useless spending]

The Group has been trying to erase the BLOOD spilled by the SHOOT AT SIGHT ORDER which took more than Hundreds of Igbo youths blood , some buried under the supervision of Governor Obiano’s surrogate as reported by Inter Society and I present:

“The leadership of International Society for Civil Liberties & the Rule of Law (Intersociety) is deeply alarmed and saddened over the rising shocking casualty figures from the last Monday (30th of May, 2016) massacre and genocidal butchering of over 120 unarmed and nonviolent citizens of Southeast and South-south regions of Nigeria by security forces while converging in Onitsha to mark the 2016 session of the decades old “Igbo (Biafran) Heroes Day Anniversary”.

The widespread State violence resulting to the genocide, was perpetrated by security forces through presidential and gubernatorial directives of President Mohammadu Buhari and Governor Willie Obiano of Anambra State…

The JTF security operations in the State are funded and chaired by Governor Willie Obiano in his capacity as the Chief Security Officer of Anambra State…


A DSS Source: The source, who was part of the last Monday (30th of May 2016) joint operation, hijacked by soldiers, told Intersociety that the massacre, leading to mass death in the hands of soldiers of over 120 unarmed and nonviolent citizens and injuring of over 130 others was well coordinated and a joint security operation sanctioned by the Government of Anambra State, which was hijacked and turned into a slaughter field by soldiers with ethnic cleansing agenda…

That with the firm directive of the Commander; the JTF, dominated by soldiers and led Major C.O. Ibrahim of the Nigerian Military Police; stormed the streets and the event venue. 

That while other members of the JTF were minimizing the use of force, soldiers recklessly opened fire at the activists at close range, shooting them indiscriminately and “wasting “ them mercilessly. 

That passerby and those in their homes and shops were not spared. 

That it got to a point where the activists having seen dozens of their comrades already laid dead refused to run and offered to be shot and killed. 

That they were massacred mercilessly by soldiers and that before God, none of the activists was armed. 

That under heavy security and panicky atmosphere, the soldiers and police personnel ensured that all the dead corpses were recovered and taken to Onitsha Barracks. 

That by evening of 30th of May 2016, at least 90 bodies of murdered Biafran Heroes Day celebrants had been taken to Onitsha Barracks and heaped in batches.

That there are two cemeteries inside the Onitsha Army Barracks; originally reserved for fallen soldiers. 

That the 90 dead activists are most likely buried in one of the two cemeteries, preferably the one close to Yahweh Church inside the Barracks and that the possibility of the dead activists buried outside the Barracks is very slim.

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