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Anambra keeps groaning under Gov Willie Obiano


“That the bodies of over 90 murdered Biafran Heroes Day celebrants and other members of the public were given secret mass burial inside the Barracks in one of the two military cemeteries on Wednesday, 1st of June 2016. 

“That it was a noon event under tight security. 

“That the secret mass burial attracted top army and police officers including DCP OPS (J.B. Kokomo).

“That Anambra State Government was represented by its Commissioner for Information, Mr. Tony Nnacheta, who arrived the Barracks at about 11.30am.

“That a number of graves were dug and the remains of over 90 murdered celebrants dumped and buried in their numbers.” end of quote

So to sweeten the murder and burial of IPOB members the Government wants to taint the only untainted one by sponsoring with state resources stinkers from Pit of hell but which always fail before it hits the target .

This is not the first time or first of its kind.

Originally the Government used Egbuna Amuta, a worker with ABS, who got about 250 Million naira to produce Video tapes of where Obi said he will not leave as APGA governor .

Then later the same Amuta produced part 2 of the Video with another 265 million naira ,this time captioned “The inconsistent of a Drunk” and on each occasion the Videos were mass produced and shared to ndi Igwe ,bishops and market leaders.

But that as well did not shave one tiny beard from Obi . 

Today Amuta has been rewarded for a Job done against Obi by giving him SA to Governor Obiano .

Now to make sure that they tainted the man, they calculated that hunger is now much in town , so with the 85 Million naira investment on campaign of calumny against Obi , they believe that they will bury him . 

Many of Governor Obiano serving SSA are wearing pseudo to fabricate childish lies against Obi that we can call smart by half.

But to make sure that the deputy governor got caught between the cross fire, they used a serving SA to the deputy governor [Elo Aforka Ph.D.] and made sure he did not use pseudo or mask and he uses the office of the deputy governor to call for the assassination of Peter Obi with stone .

This is not the state we use to know, this is not the continuity we prayed and campaigned for.

This also reminds me about the treachery of double registration which a female member of the House of representative who would’ve won the APGA primaries and eventually become the governor but for the intervention of Stakeholders and powers that be, an understanding where negotiated for her to withdraw the double registration from court.

She did just that but instead of the person that was facing prison for that Criminal deed to adhere to the agreement , he reneged and even denied her the return ticket to the house of Rep thereby forcing her to decamp to PDP and gone for the Senate to teach the LRC some lesson in politics ,which she succeeded.


Now she abandoned that path that would’ve led her to state house as it was shown in Abia.

I wonder how she will be feeling which I pray that she should teach somebody a lesson for treachery.


Anambra signs N8.5bn MOU for 300 Housing Units with Aldove Limited

A few days ago the news of another 8.5 Billion Naira MoU was released by Gov. Obiano’s people. 

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