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Anambra LGA elections, a must or consider Obiano a failed Governor ~ By Dr. Chuma-Odili Harris


Just small protest calling on Gov Obiano to make way for the LG elections in Anambra, Commissioner for information Mr. Adinuba in his vendetta ridden Press statement issued another round of threats all in a bid to instill fears in the determined minds of ndi tanker and other civil rights protesters, accusing them of instigating breach of peace and stability. Shame!

When will you government media handlers man up, and tell your principal the TRUTH? Are you afraid of loosing your meal tickets? Would you die if Anambra tax payers money ceased to rattle you bank accounts? Would you be less human when you elect to speak up, and damn the consequences? Shame!

Why are you people in government so jittery about the long deserved LGA elections? Ndi Anambra are yelling for good governance at the grassroots level, Ndi Anambra are tired of anti democratic agents imposed on them at the grassroots level of government. Ndi Anambra are tired and sick of Gov. Obiano’s CARETAKER philosophy!

Ndi Anambra are demanding to be part of the governance process even at THE grassroots level.

Give us back our right to vote candidates of our choice as local government council bosses. We need our voices back on the streets!

Obiano conduct LGA election now, forget that egwu Supreme Court! You cannot afford to fail, listen to the voice of reason.

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