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Anambra N1.2b Jumbo security vote: APC asks Speaker to resign


APC asks Speaker to resign over confirmation from the Minority Leader of Anambra HA that Obiano draws from state treasury N1.2b monthly in security vote

*Says Obiano’s wife should refund money

Photo: Governor Willie Obiano and his wife Ebelechukwu at the Celebration of their 27th Marriage Anniversary

The confirmation from the Minority Leader of Anambra State House of Assembly, Hon Onyebuchi Offor, that Gov Willie Obiano draws from Anambra State treasury the sum of N1.2 billion monthly in security vote has remained without a response from the government for two working days.

Along with that confession made in a live radio programme on Blaze 91.5 fm Radio, the legislator representing Ekwusigo State Constituency also revealed that Mrs. Ebele Obiano, wife of the governor has also illegally been drawing N250m per month 

These actions according to Hon Offor were approved by Anambra State House of Assembly in a session in which he claimed to have objected to these wasteful allocations and bleeding to the state. 

Yet he was overwhelmed by the predominant rigged –in majority of APGA members in the house, and overruled by the Speaker of The House, Mrs. Rita Maduagwu.

Hon Maduagwuna, having lived with these allegations and the very angry responses of Anambra citizens in media, demonstrations and petitions without a word has confirmed them with her silence. 

The Minority Leader should know, because he comes from the only institution authorized by law to appropriate funds in Anambra State.

To that extent we hereby call of the Speaker of the legislature to resign from her position as Speaker to enable a new speaker lead the process of the reversal of those decisions and the full recovery of all the monies so far collected by Mrs. Obiano, who has no mandate from Ndi Anambra.

We expect that the difference between the new vote and the old should be returned to the treasury by Obiano with unreserved apologies to Ndi Anambra to enable history be kind to him , when he would have finally vacated office on March 17, 2018.

We have always had reason to believe that a private citizen whose only structural connection to governance is that she is married to a high official in governance cannot donate houses claimed to have been built at the cost of N41m each, even when they suggest an action value of N4.5m.

We have always worried that the fast-paced construction and engagement in new mega-cash businesses at the instance of Mrs. Obiano can only point its putrid fingers in a direction which fear has now been confirmed.

We call for a broad audit of all projects being executed by Mrs. Obiano and hope that the new speaker of the house after Maduagwuna’s resignation will organize a proper review downwards of these security votes.

Regarding Gov Obiano, we now see why no meaningful infrastructure worth the signature of Ndi Anambra has been erected in the state in nearly three years.

It is our knowledge that part of the jumbo security votes as accused is used to hire a senator from the South South to abandon his constituency, state and zone to rant about Anambra State, purchase numerous awards, fund endorsements , place some segments of the media on payroll and resolve artificial crisis in APGA , manufactured in Ondo State bifurcated caucus of  the PDP.

From this jumbo vote was derived the N1.7bn wasted in Edo State governorship election for 876 votes, with a second face having a budget of N470m for the Election Tribunal and appellate courts..

Anambra people are very disappointed that in this day and age in the state of the Nigerian economy, Gov Obiano who recently tried to cover up his illegal extortion of Anambra market women in ‘wheel barrow tax’, ‘hawkers tax’, and all other illegal taxes, by pretending to provide for ‘at least N3bn’ for industries has pocketed N36bn of Anambra State funds in the name of security votes.

Were Anambra State Assembly to be independent, we would have called for his impeachment. In the current circumstance we call for the immediate reduction of that sum ‘sum of madness’ to the level commensurate with our state economy of the moment.

We suggest N300m and urge the speaker taking over after Maduagwu resignation to move in that direction of face the wrath of the Ndi Anambra.

We invite the good people of Anambra State to be steadfast as they have been and to take their destiny in their hands as our state has gradually drifted back to the valleys of yesteryears, which we thought we had consigned to history.

We owe al the latest troubles to the misgovernance and inexperience of Gov Obiano in steering the ship of state, and the poor and perverted judgment of those who rigged him into power, only to call for his head after their alienation.

Enough is Enough!


Okelo Madukaife

State Publicity Secretary


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