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Anambra PDP Crisis Worsen as Nwobu attacks Umeaba


The Crisis in Anambra Chapter of Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), deepened yesterday as Hon. Ndubuisi Nwobu claimed he is the only Chairman recognised by National Working Committee, (NWC) and carpeted Sir Chukwudi Umeaba faction as a frustrated bad loser.


A governorship Aspirant of PDP, Chief Obunike Ohaegbu had claimed that the record he obtained from INEC on October 18, 2019, still indicates that Prince Ken Emeakayi, remains the Chairman of PDP in the state.

But, in an exclusive interview with Elombah.com, Hon. Ndubusi said that he was duly elected as the state chairman of Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) in Anambra in a congress held on 4th December, 2017 which had Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) Directors from Abuja and Anambra in attendance adding that the report was submitted to the National Secretariat in Abuja on December 5, 2017.

Calling Ohaegbu a frustrated bad loser, Nwobu said that 1220 delegates participated in the in the Congress that produced him as Chairman of the party in Anambra state.

Hon. (Sir) Ndubuisi Nwobu, (Ogbuka-Awka) however admitted that the Anambra state did not participate in the Election that produced National Chairman of the party, Chief Uche Secondus because the brochure for the National Convention of the party had been produced before he emerged as the Chairman of the party in Anambra state.

He said, “the National leadership of the party wrote INEC on October 18th and the letter was received by INEC on October 19th ,

“The leadership led by Senator Ahmed Makarfi and High Chief Ben Obi informed the INEC about the forthcoming state Congresses, Wards, Local governments and state Executive.

“The letter was addressed to INEC chairman and was signed by Chairman and Secretary of the party.

“The congresses were held Saturday 20th for wards, Friday December 1 for local governments, Monday 4th for state Congress.

“Delegates were in attendance on that day. I can show you the report of the Congress Committee that organised the Congress on that day. They submitted the report of that Congress, this report was signed by Prof Osita, who is the Chairman of Congress Committee.”

He said INEC wrote a comprehensive report that listed the names of the Panel members that attended the Congress.

He said it is “a lie from pity of hell” to say that the Congress was cancelled.

He explained that when the new National leadership led by Chief Uche Secondus emerged, some disgruntled elements who felt they have lost out in the Executive structure, went to the National leadership to complain.

According to Hon. Ndubuisi, they sold things that are completely false to them and being new in office, the national executive wanted to know what really happened, what transpired, which was the correct for them to do.

“After their findings, they found put that all processes for the emergence of the Executives were in order , and there were no issues with the processes.”

Hon. Ndubusi said the National Vice Chairman did not inaugurate anybody for whatsoever office because it is not part of his responsibility.

Hr said, ” It is my responsibility to inaugurate Local governments Executive, Wards Executive. You can’t remove the state executive in Anambra except by the National leadership of the party. ”

He said that the claim that he is just a caretaker Committee chairman is false adding that the National Working Committee of PDP never met to say I am just a caretaker Committee chairman of the party.

He said that by the Constitution of PDP, the caretaker Committee can only spend three months in office while as elected Chairman you have four years to spend.

He said that there is no existing Court order recognising Chukwudi Umeaba as Chairman of caretaker Committee of PDP in Anambra state.

He explained that the letter signed by Markarfi led Caretaker Committee was written on November 3, 2017 when Prof. ABC Nwosu resigned as Chairman of caretaker Committee.

He said Umeaba was asked to take over from that letter dated 21st November , 2017 signed by National Secretary for wards Congress to take place, Congress took place on November 25th, and local government congresses took place on December 1, while the state Congress took place on December 4, the letter was for him to be in charged before the Congress.

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