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Anambra South to produce the next governor, a welcome development

The long-awaited time has come; the time to change the Barton and the time to take what rightfully belongs to us.

Anambra South senatorial zone for governor 2021 is a welcome development; It will be uncouth changing the status quo as agreed knowing too well the fabrics that bind in politics.

We never asked for too much. The aforementioned will be a quantum leap for greater achievement.

This is the turn of Ndi Anambra South to have their fair share in the governance of the State. It is merit.

Justice, fairness, and equity remain the very foundation for a better society. Anambra State is not as exceptional as a sovereign State.

The southern extraction of the state has personalities of great reputes and recognition, having served in various capacities, State, National, and international.

Is it in financial management, politics, education, human capital/ capacity building? Performances have been laurel and a landslide.

We have the will, we have the power, we have the ability to give finishing touches.

And bring back originality of the State to normalcy in security, infrastructure, power, employment, youth/ women empowerment, to mention but a little.

We have been doing it together, but this time, we shall lead the way while others will follow as we set the pace.

This is the time to Support Anambra South for quality assurance in governance. Together we shall achieve the best for the State.



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