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Anambra State Loses N90b Project To Ogun State: My Worry

By Eneh Victor Chigozie


Loss of 90 billion naira investment should worry all of us.

The trending news that Anambra State lost a 90 billion naira project to Ogun State is something to worry.

It is more sad that the huge investment was lost because of selfish and petty politics.

A 90 billion naira investment that would have provided over 1,000 jobs and huge IGR to the state as well as provide other cooperate social responsibilities was taken to Ogun state because Governor Willie Obiano hates Mr. Peter Obi.

Governor Obiano should come clean on this. Did he refuse the makers of Hero beer from siting the project in Anambra State because Peter Obi is involved?

Why should we play this kind of politics to the detriment of development and economic growth of our region.

All the MoUs Governor Obiano signed have not yielded any tangible result apart from the media propaganda.

Dr Chike Obidigbo

Dr Chike Obidigbo, Osisioma Igbo, an entrepreneur, industrialist and a developmental economist viewed it this way:

“Our great loss of our own HERO is today the gain of another.

“When one of the world’s largest breweries Budweiser of America showed strong interest to partner with our Onitsha based Hero, we rejoiced, knowing that the partnership will result, not only in an improved economy, but the generation of several more jobs for our several unemployed youths.

“Statistics shows that Anambra State has the highest number of unemployed graduates today. So such news brought so much happiness and hope to many of us.

“The partnership eventually succeeded, but the happiness became short lived.

“To our greatest shock and horror the plant is being relocated to Ogun State, where over 600 jobs have been created instantly.

“Several disheartening reasons were given for the disastrous decision to move out of Anambra.

“Manufacturing in Anambra State is becoming a serious nightmare, and of late several industries have either closed shop or relocated to other states and even outside Nigeria, in some cases.

“I see no end in sight because nothing, absolutely nothing, is being done to checkmate this devastating outflow of capital and jobs.

“Today, Anambra and indeed Southeast should declare a week of mourning for the loss of this great investment, which by any standard of measure, would have been the largest single investment in the entire Southeast.

“I said several years ago that there is conspiracy on a massive scale to practically destroy the productive economy of the Igbo nation. The conspiracy is succeeding while our leaders are sleeping with both eyes closed. This circumstantial relocation is a classic example of that conspiracy.

“May God help us.”

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