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Anambra State’s Gov Willie Obiano and Deceit!


“When one hears that Anambra State govt will use over ‪N‎5m ‬ for commissioning a project that cost her less than N3m, one can’t help but to weep for what we have in Awka.”

If you want to see where a government will contribute 2 million Naira to a project and use 10 Million Naira for unnecessary propaganda cum publicity and commissioning, come to Anambra where “Willie is Working” has become a salutation!

What I am yet to understand is why Gov Obiano will be wasting scarce resources in the name of commissioning a water borehole project with money higher than the total project cost of the borehole?

Take the issue of the water projects:-

Two Local Government Areas (Aguata and Anambra East) were selected for the UNICEF/EU – Anambra State govt partnership project which percent contributions go like these:

*Any town that will host the project will pay 5% of its cost.

*Anambra State/LGA will contribute 25% of the cost.

*EU/UNICEF will provide 70% of the cost.

Now, the project like that of Aguata LGA cost higher due to its topography.

Aguata LGA project cost is around like ‪N‎8million‬ unlike that of ANAMBRA East LGA that is below ‪N4million‬ cost.

When one hears that Anambra State govt will use over ‪N‎5million‬ for commissioning a project that cost her less than N3Million Naira, one can’t help but to weep for what we have in Awka.

Where did we go wrong by electing him?

Currently, Anambra State is running under borrowed money and Govt has refused to adjust her wasteful spending in a time like this!

Why must we continue to behave as if all is well?

The govt is not only in RED but we are running under Loan and someone is behaving like we have all the money to waste.

Though Common sense is not common after all; what has his over-bloated cabinet contributed to Anambra other than sycophancy?

This era is not an era of wasteful celebration but a time for critical thinking and idea- generation in order to navigate our state to safer point.

Danger is here and all these media hypes and propaganda will not help the future development of our state.

They borrowed 10 Billion Naira in November 2015, yet no single project was completed or had its progress of work advanced or neared completion.

They have borrowed another 10 Billion in January 2016 and one still wonder its outcome.

It is now 10 billion Naira for every two month just to service the frivolous and wasteful lifestyle of the man we elected as governor even when other States are trying to curtail their expenditures.

Anambra has become a Somalia; littered with abandoned projects…from Nnewi to Onitsha, from Onitsha to Awka.

Anambra; who brought thee this low?

WORRIED that the development will question our future development of Anambra State tomorrow.

CONCERNED that the borrowed money was not defined what it is meant for .

ALARMED that Gov Obiano who put us into wasteful borrowing will not be here when the burden will be on us.

REGRET that Obiano inherited not only an economic viable state but also over ‪N‎75billion‬ from Obi administration , but ending our state into a state of “what went wrong?”.

I am Concerned!


Ikechukwu Emeka Onyia©2016; Abuja, Nigeria

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