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Anambra State: The script of stakeholders’ meeting

obianoIt is obvious that the dance is no more skelewu; the gong, the ekwe are no

longer in sync with the current Surugede music that was introduced in our state some 1 year and 8 months ago.

Suddenly worried by the near zero rating in Anambra state, the governor is set to host stakeholders from Anambra state on Saturday, the 26th of September at the lodge.

I want to wonder: what makes one qualified to become or be called a stakeholder? What stake do they have that made them members of the stake?

Can the stakeholders continue keeping quiet while the state of our state moves into insolvent?

As stakeholders can’t they open up and ask questions, make demand that will make them darling of the state?

Do they have the temerity to ask and demand to know why the core 47 has been swept and accepted as part of our “working government”. Or ask: why do we have complete abandoned projects all over the state?

I am not a stakeholder but my stake in the state is far above that of these men; I speak out against all odds; I staked my money and used it with my time to campaign for APGA and in turn the incumbent. That is my stake and it qualified me to speak my mind about whatever stake that did not argue well in my state.

Having cleared the above, now to the main event …

At our governor’s lodge and Amaobia, Awka, giant tents are already being set up for the event.

The organizing committee is headed by Ifeatu Onyejeme with the commissioner for information and 4 others as members. Please do not ask me why form a committee for everything even when there are relevant ministry that should shoulder such on ad hoc basis and deliver a perfect result.

 In case we do not understand, the office of the protocol is supposed to run this show but i digress as every government has a way of doing things including the federal.

Then beside the fact that we have organizing committee for this less than 3 hours event, we employed a consultant in the name of   brand Aristotle to consult on same event.

One may ask: what can a consultancy firm do that the org com will not do? And why duplicate duties? With these two groups wasting money and resources and bickering on boundaries and designations of duties, I wonder what the state will gain with the conflicting constitution of 2 teams that has same job for same event.

But moving forward…

Among other waste of state fund under the guise of stakeholders’ event, the following will be cream of the day. The governor will give welcome remarks ,where he may try to deny the 75 billion naira or water it down ,maybe deny or claim the hospitals build by obi ,maybe deny or claim the roads he build ,maybe deny or claim the conducive atmosphere that he inherited ,

For weeks now they have been trying very hard to patch up some video on the achievements of the new government since they came into power.

If they ask me to help, I will say they should add among other things:

[1] The state used over 500 million for Christmas decorations

[2] We bought over 75 horses for the police at some whooping sum

[3]We formed so many brigades in uniform and we gave them powers to chase innocent people of the state into doom

[4] We sacked everybody that is not from Anambra north, sorry this will not sound well, I better rephrase, we sacked everybody that worked with obi and replaced them with incompetent mediocre

[5] We created and maintain the office of the first lady and empower that office handsomely with state fund, meaning that the office of the first lady today takes her own security fund.

[6] We chased out every mega power broker away from APGA and even our federal legislators are not welcomed into their state talkless of stake holders meeting,

[7] We flagged off so many projects, but we must not allow anybody to ask us, which of them we completed 

[8] We reduced the office of the deputy governor to look as special assistant to the office of the SA on politics to the governor who weld more powers than that of the deputy governor

[9] We bought police traffic plastic cubicles at the cost of 5 million naira each, some have solar light that is working

Moving on…

Time for questions which has been staged and can only be handled by the only man who has been trying to market the governor with his microphone skills and mastery of English to veer off questions that will embarrass the government ,I am talking of Mr Chido the human microphone . That day Chido will only allow anointed individuals to ask anointed questions, even if you poke your hands into his eyes to draw attention before others, but if you weren’t prepped he won’t give you that honors.

Then free flow of food and champagne and it shall be announced that, another wonderful powerful stakeholder has been performed.

The committee all these while had the problem of videoing Obiano’s project, they have searched and cannot locate one that he started or he completed.

During the meeting they raised the issue of recording old, completed roads since Obiano has not completed any road, they agree it would be embarrassing to do so because people will dictate that and people like me will dive into my archives and retrieve embarrassing old pictures and turn down any tiny plus they made in that area . 

They talked about contacting ABS to see if there is any way they will edit out anything that will show Obi’s touch in some of the projects and morphed WIW into it.

They are at dilemma on whether to include all the MoUs signed by Willie as one his great deeds; it’s on record he has signed more than 350 and none has started or has even proposed to start.

They may resort to use only Couched Farm, attracted by Peter Obi which started function under Gov Obiano.

Gov Obiano has approved about 350 million naira for the event and we still say the state has no money?

Mazi Odera

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