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Anambra The Refund,The Game and Deputy Governor


Willie Obiano

Currently the half assed Media clowns of our Governor working with the half protected news supplied to  them and expected them to perform miracle with the projection, protecting and defending the Government ,coupled with the fact that some KINSMEN that surrounded the Government and form self into Cabals will not allow the Media Boys to do anything right .

Today as we speak the Media boys are so confused on what is real and where lies abound ?,they are fed with water down information and speculations making it difficult for them to take a stand on any issue with personal conviction .

They told the E rats that Federal  Government are owing ANAMBRA state 30 Billion and another time they will throw about 34 Billion as money spent on Federal Projects ,which the Feds  agreed to refund the state but the truth is that ,either the Executives are lying to themselves or they are lying with a clenched teeth to the Media team .

What the Federal Government are owing to Anambra state is the sum of 14.6 billion NAIRA and not a penny more.

The Money in question was refund from what Governor Peter Obi worked on Federal roads ,the good side is that Peter Obi know too well the rudiments of Government and bottle necking is never a throw off to him ,he loved to follow issues with meticulous approach that will piss off impatient folks like me. He applied and got permission for all the Federal  roads worked in the state before he start work on any of them .

He actually applied for refund on other federal projects in the state that he executed but the Federal told him that they only refund for Federal Roads which got permission before initiating ,so after taking the Ministries around the state during the ending period of his tenure ,they agreed to refund ANAMBRA STATE 14.6 Billion and which the President then told them that he will make provision for it to be included in the next Budget ,which will be beneficial to Gov Obiano.

After the handover despite the hostility Obiano meted to Obi ,Obi still went on and plead that federal Government should pay back the money to Anambra state ,which they agreed ,it was signed and may be paid to us soon.

The lies emanating from AGU OKA that it is 30 or 34 Billion shows that lies has become enshrined in the vessel of the state .

The Refund does not include the AMANSEA –AMAOBIA  FEDERAL ROAD which Governor Obi got the permission to build very late in his administration ,that road were mapped to cost us 10 Billion ,Obi started and paid the contractors the money generated through Certificates ,but since Gov Obiano came in ,he refused to continue the job instead he added 3 Bridges to the existing road and the Feds told him that there won,t be refund for that Monument of Cement but because we wanted to impress Okada Riders or those travelling to Enugwu and Hinder states ,so that they will shout that ANAMBRA is walking but my old man will call it window decorations  .

What worries the state is the fact that Governor Obi handed a healthy state to Gov Obiano ,Handed a buoyant economy to him and now handed surplus 14.6 Billion Naira in recovery to him ,and with pride he is going to cash it ,but what will Gov Obiano hand over to the person that will take over in 2018 ?

Will it be the numerous loans we took ? Abandoned Roads all over the place ? Abandoned MOUS ?Government properties dashed to CARDINAL DEVELOPERS and Retinue of Convoy Cars that will not contain in any giving Car park .

If Gov Obiano is not aware of the details ,he should try and contact the man that made ANAMBRA ROADS  what it is ,the Commissioner for Works during Obi,s tenure and partially during Obiano’s tenure ,a man of integrity ,a man that will not kiss ass to please ,even though he may be a very hard nut to crack but he knows the job inside out and he delivers ,i am talking of Architect Calistus Ilozumba .

That brings us to why the good ones are silent ,we tried to get reaction from Arch Ilozumba as the Man behind the road Networks of OBI and some how with Obiano ,the text mesage we sent to him is without reply and after calling him severally ,when he picked he simply said “Please i do not want to get involved ,i have served my time and now i am resting” ,the question is ,if somebody like this man will want to stay out and allow the multiplication of lies to prevail our state ,who can we count on ? Will it not be a plus to us if a Stateman of his status who was there and have all the records should stand up and set the record straight ,that way those sleeping will wake up and those that think they have reach the pinnacle will see that akwobedi beans akwo [the beans are yet to be grind].

I know he has all the authentic information on the state of our roads,the repayments from the FEDS and by the way i am very sad to notice that he was there when Obiano started that monument of cement at those 3 places and he did not resign or remonstrate over that waste . I am sure he may not have favoured it ,but as Commissioner for works then he should’ve throw in the towel so fast ,so that all the great works he did with ANIDS will not be soiled with WIW .

In pursuit of the refund ,the Government crew both the relevant ones and the irrelevant travelled to Abuja throughout Monday and counting ,hoping to get the Money ,little did they know that 14 Billion which was approved cannot be giving to them cash .

Meanwhile maybe because of the expected cash return that made my state Governor to inaugurate today in Awka the Campaign team for VICTOR UMEH ,a help he never rendered to other Senators that contested under APGA .

I wonder what next, now that Senator Chris Ngige is ready to join the Senatorial dance backed with Federal might and the good will of the state ?.

First the state will remember his days as the Governor and the exploit ,then juxtapose it with what we have as on going governance and that will result into the vote we will cast in ANAMBRA CENTRAL and by extension will rub off on 2017 send off .

Then as my Governor plan on receiving  the SUN NEWSPAPER AWARD  bought with our state Money ,it is sorry sight to see that my Government  Chartered  a plane that will convey people to Lagos as supporting team to receive the Award and all the Igwe in Anambra state were mandated to be there as if they have nothing worth doing . In the days of old ,Igwe used to be a respectful office  ,that is why if a Governor with culture enters any town ,he must visit Igwe at his Palace . If any Leader or President visits a Town without Visiting the Igwe it shows how uncultured the person is ,but to keep hustling Ndi Igwe like Touts are not my fight but that of the gods and ndi Igwe themselves after all onye kpo oba ya mkpokoro ndi agbata obi ewelu ya kpofue afifia [if you call you PLATE COMMON IRRELEVANT ,the neighbors will use it to pack refuse]

A macabre dance will soon erupt in the state between the Governor Chief Willie Obiano and his ELECTED Deputy Dr Nkem Okeke ,the Governor accused the Deputy of lobbying members of the House of assembly to Impeach him . The Deputy was so angry that he scheduled a World Press Conference to address his ordeal and also the accusation from  the Governor ,but the Governor and the Wife pleaded with a bended knee that is was the Speaker of the house that is planting the seed of discord and citing them against one another , making the  Deputy to postponed the confrontation .

Will this make the Governor to revert some of the powers of the Deputy to him or will it remains with our Senator wanna be ? Time will tell

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