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Anambra: Ukpor Needs Peace ~ By Eneh Victor Chigozie


Many people do not know that by affiliation, Ukpor is my home. I am from Ukpor and it pains watching a once peaceful community disintegrating gradually.

The March 9 State Assembly election in Nnewi south constituency II is taking its toll on Ukpor. It is fast causing serious distrust and great division among men that have bonded together for years.

The election has been won and lost. It is time to make necessary sacrifices. Madam Speaker must take a deep breath and pause. Ukpor has done so much for her.

Having benefitted so much from Ukpor, I sincerely appeal to her to embrace peace as the future holds more only if she can make sacrifices now.

In 2010, Ukpor chose to follow Ngige and voted massively against APGA. Peter Obi, the then APGA governor was embarrassed that Ukpor was the only community in Nnewi south that voted against him and refused to do any project in that community.

In 2011, Ukpor stood their ground and voted for Madam Speaker under ACN. It was a surprise how Madam Speaker who was never in politics emerged winner in 2011 under ACN.

But Governor Obi being a smart leader, approached ndi Ukpor and asked them to join APGA as Madam Speaker was not able to attract any meaningful constituency project from ACN. The people listened to Obi and asked their representative to decamp to APGA.

Disappointing Ngige, the leader of ACN who contributed immensely for her winning wasn’t easy, but she followed her people and defected to APGA. In 2015, everybody in Ukpor including those in diaspora returned to ensure she was reelected.

Johnbosco Akaegbobi, OdaaOpuo, the candidate of PDP who won her at the March 9, state assembly election was still at Glasgow, Scotland doing his master’s degree. But he came down from UK to support Madam Speaker.

In 2011 and 2015, Madam Speaker was Ukpor project. Many put in their personal money to ensure her victory. She won and those who lost didn’t create crisis out of it. They respected the Will of the people and allowed the community to move on.

It was a sacrifice that many have expected Madam Speaker and her supporters to embrace. The victory of OdaaOpuo was a popular decision. Those close to Rita should appeal to her – Ukpor will appreciate a little sacrifice from her. She must not supervise the destruction of the bond and friendship that have lasted decades.

Hon Chris Azubogu is in his last tenure at the House of Representatives. She has 2023 ticket to move to Abuja only if she can listen to the voice of wisdom.

Rt Hon Rita Maduagwu cannot return as Speaker on June 10 when the state assembly is expected to elect a new leadership. The tribunal and appeal court cannot conclude between now and June 10. Those urging her on, are deceiving her.

Ndi Ukpor have done so much to her. Since they have chosen OdaaOpuo to represent them in the next 4 years, she should thank them and move on. This bond must not be destroyed on the altar of personal ego.

I want to see Ezeani, Dara, Tonymez, etc. fly the same flight, eat together and share jokes. I want to see same in Ozo, Cali, EmmaBiggy, Paragon etc. These can only be achieved if Madam Speaker will make a little sacrifice.

Ukpor needs peace and Madam Speaker should please do the needful.

Eneh Victor Chigozie

Ebute-Ero branch Ukpor; Head, AIF Media

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