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Anambra Under Seige by Criminals


Anambra State has come under a heavy siege from criminals masquerading under the canopy of the recent #ENDSARS protests and if help does not come quickly the State will be overwhelmed beyond redemption.

A band of blood-thirsty marauders, armed to the teeth and moving in droves of hundreds have for days now,  attacked and razed down all police stations in Anambra South senatorial district, killing police men on duty and carting away arms and ammunitions.

After routing Anambra South, they have headed to Idemmili with the commercial city of Onitsha as their ultimate target.

Efforts to muster a reasonable response from the security agencies have proved little too late as the violent criminals have subdued every resistance.

Ndi Anambra are called to duty. All able-bodied youths are hereby called to rise to the present challenge by organizing a stiff resistance against these marauders.

Rise and protect your communities!

This is a call for survival. Anambra State must not allow itself to be destroyed and pulverized by this invading army.

Ndi Anambra, Kunie nu!

Olugonu n’omume!

Ka anyi zoputa obodo anyi!

Signed: Coalition of Anambra Patriots.

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