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Angry youth burn down fire station in Oyo over poor response to inferno

Some aggrieved youth in Oyo township set ablze a fire station on Sunday over failure of firefighters to put out an inferno at Oja Akesan, the main market in the central commercial area of Oyo town.

The cause of the inferno, said to have started around 2am, is yet to be ascertained.

As of the time this report was filed, spokesman of the Oyo state police command, told Fadeyi Olugbenga said that efforts were still being made to put out the fire.

He explained that those at the fire service that was destroyed were about 20 meters away from the market but could not contain the fire outbreak because their equipment were not functioning.

Olugbenga said the police had to seek the intervention of the fire service in Ogbomosho who came at the time the fire had destroyed many shops, sparing only a few and one filling station.

Olugbenga said the police are still investigating if there were any casualties involved and the extent of damage and worth of goods lost in the incident.

Olugenga, “There was a fire incident in Akesan market this morning. The police as early as possible alerted the fire station. The only problem they were having was that they were complaining that their equipment was not working so they had to seek intervention from Ogbomosho.

“Irate youths, because of the impatience, decided to create bonfires on the roads and started to destroy properties. They destroyed part of the fire station in Oyo town.”

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