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“ANONYMOUS”: Kanu’ll die around Sep. 25, Israel to attack Nigeria, plus other expositions on Igbokwe, Igboho, ors

The group simply known as “ANONYMOUS” has release the latest “EXPOSITION 7” for the month of July, 2021.

The exposition said, among other things that the leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB), Mazi Nnamdi Kanu will die on or before September 25, 2021.

It also stated that Israel will attack Nigeria over the three Israelis detained by the Department of State Security Service (DSS) for alleged involvement with IPOB.

Other issues in the exposition include the “Joseph Igbokwe, a man who’s sold out his own people to the enemy”, Mr. Sunday Adeniyi Adeyemo, also known as Sunday Igboho, et al.

ANONYMOUS became popular for saying things that are considered “weird” and “unpopular” but later lived up to the predictions, even in small details.

Below is the full exposition by “ANONYMOUS”:

To the many who demanded for the writing! Here it is. We no longer post the writing alongside the video as many read and ignore the video. Sometimes, There’s always a hidden information in the video which you always miss when you don’t listen.

Hello, this is Friday, 16th July , exactly 7 p m here in Hawaii. We are Anonymous. We apologize for the delay again in the exposition 7, exposition 7 was supposed to have been done, it has however had a lengthy delay just like the exposition 6C.

This is because, the agendists keeps monitoring the Anonymous and its exposition, the agendists always improvises on a more regular basics as we keep pushing them back to there thinking room every now and then.

The agendists have so far stopped there communication through emails, phone calls and even WhatsApp as they have now opted for what they think is a more secure means of communication, all in a bid to outride the Anonymous.

That is total bullshit! You can’t hide from the Anonymous, you can’t stop the Anonymous, the Anonymous sees all things. You can’t hide from the Anonymous.

We first wish to send a stern warning to the agendists and the Nigerian government at large. It would interest you to know, you are threading on a deadly part, the capture of the Israeli citizens and there detain would smell doom if not immediately handled.

The nation of Israel never joke with there citizens, you must be aware, there’s an imminent attack on Nigeria from Israel if the three arrested are not released by the 1st day of August. Missiles would be unleashed and your facilities would be targeted, your homes would be destroyed.

Again feel free to doubt as always, this would happen and your capital would be leveled to zero. You might not be alive to regret after all.

Good morning once again and welcome to Exposition 7. This is Anonymous.

First we would address the 25th Day of September, remember, we mentioned this date many months ago, as usual, many ignored, many called it a guess game, many even went as far and called us fake, but what is the outcome of your utterances? Did it change anything? Absolutely nothing was changed.

It would interest you to know, the judges would be on vacation until the 20th day of September.  During this period, the agendists believes Mr Kanu would die of health related problems in detention as he would be outrightly be denied access to his personal doctor.

It might interest you to know, if Mr Kanu is alive by 20th of September, a bio means would be deployed. Nnamdi must die before 25th September or on that date. 25th September is a Saturday, Mr Kanu Nnamdi would be reported critically ill and sick, however, nothing can be done as that is an off day in the Nigerian civil system.

You must stop the doubt game and move swiftly to avert this. The people from the eastern region must pull all strings now to avert this. If not done, all this said shall happen and nothing would change this.

However, the death of Nnamdi Okwudili would change nothing in the quest for the new nation, the death of Mr Kanu would raise many more Kanu’s which would do a deadlier work than the current Kanu. We advice the agendists to go back to there drawing boards, the agenda won’t be a success, this is not a guess, this is a certainty.

You can’t succeed with the agenda. The Anonymous already made the world aware of your deadly plans, anonymous is always ahead of you, you can only try but at this point, it is an already failed attempt.

The people of the East must be aware of a man with name Joseph Igbokwe, a man who’s sold out his own people to the enemy, you must be cautious of the mentioned as he’s planted secret spies across the territory, your activities are monitored and information transmitted back to the agendists.

Mr Joseph so far has masterminded the killing of numerous wealthy men from this region whom they believe sponsors the move for a new nation. Many more wealthy families would suffer similar faith if Mr Joseph Igbokwe is not immediately tackled.

Mr Sunday Adeniyi Adeyemo also known as Mr Igboho must be thankful to have survived the attack on his house a few weeks ago. We had talked about this before time, we had as well mentioned clearly the pattern of attack, as usual, it was doubted, however, that did not stop the exposition from coming through.

Mr Sunday Adeniyi Adeyemo must be mindful of his followers, there is a traitor who is really very close to him, a person whom he may never believe to be a traitor. This person gives out his details and way out to the agendists, Mr Sunday Adeniyi Adeyemo must watch his back carefully now as this is a terrible time.

Mr Sunday Adeniyi Adeyemo must be protected at all cost! We talked about the planned attack on his house, we talked about the planned assassination, all these already happened. But in all, just like Mr Kanu, Mr Sunday Adeniyi Adeyemo must not die!

Mr Adeniyi must be careful of his mistress! His close aids and trusted allies. Mr Adeniyi must not allow himself die like a little puppet.

We shall be back with the major exposition soon; we shall be exposing the agreement between the agendists and Kenya, Ghana and South Africa, the south must be aware, these mentioned countries would eventually be there greatest enemy.

Do not hate the people of these mentioned countries anyway, for it is there leadership who’s decided to be used by the agendists.

You must not forget,

We are Anonymous

We are Legion

We do not Forgive

We do not Forget

Expect us.

Watch the video here.

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